One Skillet Breakfast

This is my Hubby’s favorite breakfast of all time.  Whenever I make baked potatoes, I bake extra, so that I can grate them for hash browns just for this breakfast.  Plus anything that has bacon (my personal favorite) just has to be good.  Like most of my recipes, mix and match, add or subtract, and it will still be good. Some people will ask about onions and peppers,  add them if you wish, my Hubby is allergic to onions, and peppers give him stomach problems, so I leave them out.  So here we go for a One Skillet Breakfast.
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Step 1:

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Skillet (flat bottomed fry pan)
Bacon (1/2 lb. raw chopped up)
3-4 eggs
2 cups hash brown potatoes (you choose what type you want, frozen, fresh, etc.)
½ cup grated cheese (choose your favorite)

Step 2:

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Put the chopped up raw bacon in the skillet and turn the heat to medium high.

Step 3:

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Stir once in a while until the bacon pieces are completely cooked.

Step 4:

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Scrape the bacon pieces to the outer edges of the pan.

Step 5:

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Put the hash brown potatoes in the middle of the bacon grease. As the hash browns, brown, stir them mixing in the bacon as you do so.  Keep stirring, periodically until most of the hash browns have been browned.

Step 6:

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Lower the heat to medium, and pour in the eggs. 

Step 7:

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Stir them the same way you would for scrambled eggs, mixing all three ingredients together.

Step 8:

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If you are cooking on an electric stove, turn off the heat, if it is a gas stove; turn the heat to low, and sprinkle on the grated cheese.  Hold it a minute or two until the cheese melts.

Step 9:

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“Honey, breakfast is ready!”  Enjoy!