Step 9:

“Honey, breakfast is ready!”  Enjoy!
This sounds tasty! :-{ )
My dad made this for us as a kid - he called it &quot;Mossyrock Surprise&quot;, since he was from Mossyrock, WA. He made it with sausage or hamburger too, and since we're a spicy family, he always added green chilis at the very least.<br><br>One cool trick, for hiking and picnics and what have you:<br><br>Get a big sourdough boule, cut a lid, and empty out the guts for a bowl. Make enough &quot;skillet surprise&quot; to fill and dump it in there. Pack it in well! Put the lid on, wrap it up in foil, and go wherever it is. A slice of this, with some tabasco? Heaven.
That sounds great, maybe the next time we go camping. Thanks for looking and commenting.

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