One Espadrille, More Than 20 Sandals


Introduction: One Espadrille, More Than 20 Sandals

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You will need a espadrille sole and a string to make the eyelets of the sandals.

You can see how to make the sole on the images.

Once you will have the sole, with different strings you can make lots of combinations.

Step 1:

Step 2: One Espadrille Sole - More Than 20 Different Sandals

To make the sandals you can use one espadrille sole. With a string, you have to make a couple of eyelets as you can see on the image.

Step 3: With Different Strings and Different Ways of Crossing Them on the Eyelets, You Can Have More Than 20 Sandals

Step 4: Strings

Step 5:



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    I never cared for espadrilles but I Love this! Thank you for sharing with the community! Great photos and video.

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    These are very cool. Great job and thanks for sharing