Step 5: Power Supply

I use 2 way power :
1. Accu 12 volt
2. AC 220v

In Plan I want use Solar Cell for charge the accu

source : http://telinks.wordpress.com/2010/02/25/layout-pcb-catu-daya-dc-5v-dan-12v/
wow very cool love the look
Glad , u love it ^_^
I want you to talk to an Ikea Representative.<br><br>X+Y=Z<br><br><br>X-&gt; Your idea<br>Y-&gt; Ikea prices<br>Z-&gt; I WANT ONE!!!
Thank you ^_^
Do yourself a favour and put the video on step 1 :)
Ok , I will upload new video and will put it on the 1st page ^_^<br>Thx
No need to upload a new video, just move it to the first step. Its so when people come in and want to see what your invention does they can see the video as the first thing. :)
What are tha fans for?
that optional, I use the fans Because this wardrobe for the public interest, so I use it for removing the odor of the use

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