Have you ever been tempted to buy one of those pre-quilted baby quilt panels?  You know the ones that don’t have finished edges.  Yeah, that kind.  I don’t usually even think about buying one of these because, they can cost a lot, and I have no idea what to do to make it look great!  Last summer I found some panels on clearance for $1.50 each panel (I bought 4).  Now what to do?  Last September, while with some friends at the State Fair, I saw the solution to this problem, how to finish those quilts.

Step 1:

1 unfinished baby quilt panel (price varies from store to store)
1 skein Bernat “Pipsqueak” baby yarn (less than $3/skein at Walmart) or anything fuzzy like that
1 size 4 crochet hook
1 awl
Very cute and very soft! Always a good thing!
Thank you!

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