First you need the rivets

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You will also need:
A knife
A pair of pants with a missing button
A hole punch

Step 1: FIT IT!!!

Make sure the rivet fits in the button hole or everything else will be a waste.

Step 2: Slashy Stab Stab

Use a knife to poke a whole where the rivet will go.

Step 3: Snap It!

Put the bottom rivet through the whole you made and snap on the top of the rivet. Button it up and you're done.

Step 4: Here Comes the One Half

This part I only counted as half because it's probably not very useful, but I wanted to show another use for the rivets. I made a sheath for my knife using this concept:

It worked great but the tip kind of stuck out.

Step 5: Fixed!

So I punched a whole at the top and put a rivet there to block it.
NOT "free" as the article claims! 99 cents for a pack of 4 plus an exorbitant $5 shipping charge for something which should be able to fit in an envleope with a 49 cent stamp!
thanks for the idea I gonna do that with my army jack
no problem
It says "Choose your shoe" which am I supposed to select?
any of them. They all have rivets.

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