One Coat Hanger Laptop Stand





Introduction: One Coat Hanger Laptop Stand

Need a cheap quick laptop stand. Or on the go and do not want to carry a heavy laptop stand around.  This is a stand that can be made in a few minutes. Have fun..

Step 1: What's Needed.

1 heavy coat hanger.
1 light coat hanger.

Wire cutters
Tape measure

Step 2: What to Do: Part 1.

First do all the steps with the light easy to bend coat hanger and then use it for measurements on the heavy coat hanger to make the final unit.
Cut off head or hanger part of hanger.
Straighten out hanger.

Step 3: What to Do: Part 2.

Measure ab 2/3 the width of the laptop and bend each side up to look like an open rectangle.

Step 4: What to Do: Part 3.

Measure up the tines about 1/2 to 3/4 inch and bend to a 90 degree angle.
maker sure the tines are equal length by cutting off the longer end to make them even,

Step 5: What to Do: Part 4.

At the end of the tines, measure back 2 inches. and bend tines in the opposite direction as original bend. Do one end at a time so you can make both ends look alike. Half way up the time, bend it back against itself. 
See if it works. .
Make any adjustments.
Now take the heavy coat hanger and mimic the light coat hanger.
Test with laptop and make adjustments.
Take measurements again and save the data in a file on the laptop.

Step 6: Your Done.

Now you have a laptop stand that can be made easily anywhere. The light coat hanger can be easily folded and put in a brief case if you prefer to use it instead.

Step 7: Alternative Quicky Stand.

Four bends and your done. it almost looks Star Trekish also.

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    Thank you

    I found a Coat hanger to try this with today

    This is awesome. Cheap and easy to do. Thank you.

    What an incredibly simple but good idea.