There are a few other One-handed Deck Cutting Instructables out there, but they all deal with what I'm calling the "flip version". Here is one of the better ones.

This is what I call the "spin-version".

Video is at the bottom (step four); below are images and a step-by-step guide.

p.s. the bigger your hands are, the easier it is to do this.

Step 1: Holding the Deck

Remove the jokers from the deck first (unless for whatever reason you need them shuffled in).

You should use your three middle fingers to hold the deck (i.e. not the pinky or thumb). Your ring and index fingers will be on opposite sides of the deck, putting pressure on the long sides, about halfway down. While your index and ring fingers are doing the actual holding, your middle finger basically rests against the top edge of the deck to provide stability and keep the cards even. For ease, you can also rest your thumb against the opposite side as the middle finger, but it is not necessary. Besides, you'll be moving your thumb in the next step.

Throughout this guide, remember when I say pressure, I don't mean to squeeze the cards, just hold them (like how one would hold a pencil when relaxed).
how do you people do this? its really hard for me haha, but its still cool. great instructable
It just takes a lot of repetition and practice - really. Thanks for the compliment! (this is my second instructable ever)
actualy i mastered it on my first try but ive been doing card magic for years :)<br />
If they speak another language, then they won't understand the labels.
I was right, this is the crazy method I was using. lol (really I just love polluting your comment sections with my inane blabbering at odd hours)
Hey! That "better" one is mine! I made a "better" instructable! Thanks for the compliment!
I just finished reading through it, and it's a very well written instructable. Now I just have to put it into practice.
Thank you XD I just started trying to learn card tricks this fall, so I hadn't seen your kind of deck-cutting before. It seems more people do it that way, so now I know two kinds of cuts! Thanks!

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