Introduction: One-handed IPad2 Smart Cover-based Holder

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Holding the iPad in one hand can often be quite uncomfortable - you start feeling its weight after only a few minutes. There are several products on the market targeting this problem but they are either bulky or ugly or pricey.

Now if your iPad2 has a Smart Cover you can build a one-hand holder in under 5 minutes using nothing but a duct tape.

Moreover, unlike most of those of-the-shelf products this one can be permanently left attached. It doesn't even add any thickness or weight to your iPad.

Step 1: How It Works

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The idea is very simple. We will add an elastic belt around the Smart Cover. You can slip your palm under it and easily hold your iPad with one hand.

The belt can be removed and remounted again but as I said, usually, there won't be any need for this as it does not make your iPad thicker and does not prevent from Smart Cover switching the standby mode on and off.

It's just I wish I had a duct tape with the same color as my Smart Cover...

Step 2:

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I recommend working on a clean glass table so that the duct tape can be easily detached from it. But I guess any clean table will do anyway.

Let's start by tearing off a small piece of the duct tape.

Step 3:

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Attach the small strip to the rest of the tape by attaching the glued sides together.

Make sure the glued side of small strip is not fully covered.

Step 4:

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Stick the small strip to the first Smart Cover segment (the one closer to the magnet) and start carefully wrapping the tape around the cover.

Step 5:

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After 2-3 wraps tear off the tape - you now have a sticky belt around the cover. Yak!

Give it  2-3 wraps with the non-sticky side of the tape up.

Step 6:

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Wrap the tape tightly so that it won't slip off the cover easily but not too tightly! Remember, your palm must be able to slip under it.

Step 7:

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Again 2-3 wraps will be enough. Now carefully take the tape off the cover and cut off the small strip we used at the beginning.

Step 8:

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We now have a thin but very strong elastic belt. Put it back on the cover and give it a try.

Step 9:

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Slip you arm between the belt and the cover and see how easy it is holding the iPad now.

You may notice the cover it slightly bent. Don't worry, it will return to it's original shape as soon as you take your palm out.

Step 10:

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The good news it can be used in both portrait and landscape modes.

Step 11:

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That's it. Hope you find it useful.

A T T E N T I O N   !   !   !

Don't forget the iPad attached to the Smart Cover by the force of its magnet only. If you make a jerky move with your arm the iPad can easily detach and fall down. So I recommend using this holder only when you are seating or lying.


Alvadem (author)2016-11-22

great idea!

zazenergy (author)2011-10-10

this is awesome!

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