Step 8: Build Ladder

You can certainly make less elaborate ladders than the one shown here. This one used a hemlock handrail as rungs and two angled 2 x 3's as uprights. The rungs were attached to the uprights using countersunk 1/4" bolts (see photo). Longer bolts were used for the topmost rung to fix it to the bunkbed. I found the ladder easier to make in place, scribing all the bits I needed to cut. A vertical ladder would have been easier, for sure.
<p>Your design is very much what I had envisioned when I starting thinking about making my own bunk bed. I wanted to use the house as my support system, so this is perfect. However, I have some questions. The bunk beds I will be making will actually be for adults in a vacation home. I need each bunk capable of supporting about 450lbs (two large adults per bunk) and their respective mattresses - in this case, I will be using queen size mattresses. Do you have any idea of weight limitations or special suggestions for supporting such weight? Thanks!</p>
I think it is massively over engineered, but use 2x6 instead of 2x4 for the platform if you're concerned at all. Will only add a few $ to the price.
<p>Thanks for the design! I used it as a base to make a quad-bunk system. </p>
<p>Looks great. That's a serious amount of sleeping room right there!</p>
<p>I want to make this as a loft for my 6 yr old but I want to make it a full and I'm a little concerned about the single leg with the extra size. Any suggestions?</p>
<p>Well, remember that the other legs are the walls of your house, so they're plenty strong enough. This loft is built more like a deck than a bed!</p>
<p>yea I guess I'm just concerned about the leg moving. It's like a deck without pouring a cement footing. Without the lower bunk to secure the bottom of the leg. </p>
<p>Ah, OK, didn't spot you wanted a loft. Either skew nail the foot into the floor to prevent any movement, or perhaps try this other design I came up with for loft beds: <a href="https://www.instructables.com/id/Loft-beds-with-bookshelf-ladders/" rel="nofollow">https://www.instructables.com/id/Loft-beds-with-bookshelf-ladders/</a></p>
So glad I found these plans... Saved me a ton of money and some room as well.... In a small room inches make a big difference... Excellent instuructables, thanks for posting
<p>Great to hear it was helpful, &amp; thanks.</p>
It looks really nice but it is kinda a pain to make beds with one or two edges pushed against the wall...
Thanks. So that's why my boys hate making their beds...<br>I think your point is true of bunk beds in general rather than this one in particular; you can leave as big a gap as you like between the mattress and the wall for the bedding.
The problem is the wall, not the bunk. You have to kneel on the bed to put the sheets and blankets on the wall side and it's very awkward. It's also awkward on the railing side but not as much. Maybe someone will invent a sheet or device to make this easier no matter the size of the bed against the wall. We used to have bunk beds for the kids, and they just slept in cheap sleeping bags that got washed every week. Spreading them out flat &quot;made the bed&quot;!
My kids never make their beds no matter how we arrange them! This is a sweet design and seems faster to assemble than having 4 legs. Great Job!
Many thanks dbull. Yep, easy to make and the design is pretty forgiving.
Pretty nice design. I like it.
I like it. Very nice and tidy.
Thanks seamster. Certainly no one seems to notice it is home made, much less that it's missing three legs...
Nice work. In a few years my kids will graduate to bunk beds (or loft beds) and this design would fit well in their rooms!
Thanks jeff-o. I have to build 2 more myself as my kids all get their own rooms, and these will probably be lofts.
Nice! :)
Thanks keiou.

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