Introduction: One More 3D Instructible Sign

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After viewing a 3d instructible sign on this website, I was motivated to make my own. I had made some hands a long time ago, so picked one, repainted it, cut out the letters for the sign, and proceeded. The results follow:

Step 1: Making the "Hand".

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I actually had some hands on hand from a previous project. All I had to do was select one and paint it white as a base coat, then added the contour lines with a gray paint. To make the hands, I used a standard latex glove, filled it with plaster of paris (mixed of course), let sit until hard, and then removed gloves. I then used craft paint to paint them.

Step 2: Cut Appropriate Cardboard Pieces and Mount

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I used cardboard as backing for the hand the letters and the whole sign.


duck-lemon (author)2009-01-23

This is awesome!

Creativeman (author)duck-lemon2009-01-23

Thanks! Cman

wolf555hound (author)2009-01-17

third, =]

wenpherd (author)2009-01-17

yayy! im the first to view it

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