As you know i love making small things. I make thing until i can't see them any more ,then use a microscope to even beat the record. So here is my one of the worlds smallest paper plane and mostly on instructables too. It is fully functional and could fly like a normal plane but covers small surface area. The plane is made out of 0.5 cm x 0.5 cm paper and then glues with super glue. It was custom designed and for sale as a collectible. I made about 5 of them for over a month or so, doing the designing and testing and then the final build. Hopefully i will someday make a instructables for it, but until then its for commercial sale.

It would be sold for around $10-20
it wont fly
yeah it won't fly, it would glide, just for 30 cm...<br />
this seems kinda odd to use dry ice to propel and airplane. a fully functional paper airplane should function like every other paper airplane: you throw it and it glides.
the wings are too small to catch air and glide. <br />
i made the smallest plane tell now 0.2 cm<br />
I don't think it could fly. Also can you support your comment with a picture&nbsp;?<br />
Wrong comp, to beat kiteman it has to fly. Yours would fall with some forward movement.<br/><br/>Unfortunatley the comp you would be involved in is, the smallest paper plane on I'bles. The record is 2.5mm from tip to tail.<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.instructables.com/community/Instructables_Smallest_Paper_Airplane_Challenge/">http://www.instructables.com/community/Instructables_Smallest_Paper_Airplane_Challenge/</a><br/><br/>1st lan01 at 2.5 mm<br/>2nd V-Man737 at 3.175mm<br/>3rd n8man at 4mm<br/><br/>I am fairly sure mine also beats yours at 5mm.<br/>Sorry to be the bringing of bad news.<br/>
Can't you read my good man ? ....its one of the SMALLEST and can actually fly and function. I made more small ones but they would just drop down. the title says " FULLY FUNCTIONAL" it also uses a moth ball for propellant.
How exactly does mothballs make this thing fly or help it to fly? If I understand this correctly, your saying that the evaporation of the mothballs causes lift? I highly doubt that the vapors rising off the nepenthe is enough to make this fly. Maybe if it was some kind of alcohol, like ethanol or methanol because they evaporate quite rapidly. But even then, I don't think enough lift would generated. The plane alone can't produce the necessary lift to keep it in the air.
i did use mothballs but it was quite inefficient so i switched to dry ice and ethanol, i works perfectly. Also the plane is able to glide it self but only covers a small distance of glide due to the air aviation on wings.
Yeah, but wouldn't the weight of the ethanol and dry ice weight the plane down. It seems already too light to fly, that added weight of the substances used to help keep it in the air would bring it down. How do you use dry ice on it? you don't actually put it on the plane?
I packed a small piece of dry ice into a cutting from a ink plastic tube. then supper glued it to the plane.
I want video of it "flying", it has to actually propell itself forward with minimal thrust. Mine can "fly" too, but it would not glide by itself. Ok you lost me on the "moth ball" part.
I tried using dry ice for flight thrust and it worked so bye bye to moth balls now.
I don't remember - do any of those actually glide?
Well the rest of our wrote ourselves out of your realm because of (I think killajackalope's) comments in regards to propelled flight, being the plane must unto itself "glide". I was assuming yours did. We were more aiming for smallest plane regardless of flight.
Well what i have here is a plane that actually glide and still being small, dear friend.
Gliding does not equal falling with forward momentum. To glide would generally be described as, travelling a greater distance forward than the altitude it's loosing, or there abouts. Actually that may not be the best description. Show some video, that may be more convincing. The only reason I say this is that, I have made several around the size of yours. Some slightly larger, some slightly smaller. None of which I would say flew. More fell with a forward motion. But hey, if that's what makes you smile, it flys.
I would surely post a video my good man, but i have a camera phone so use it to take photos. The video camera is not to good and there is no zoom so it would be a bugger to even see the plane.... 0.5 x 0.5 actually.
Yes they do, it actually does glide but covers a really low surface area
What happened to the flight pic? I actually watched the slideshow to the end. I was all like "Oh he does show it fly", then it just goes to side view.

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