One Piece Paper Cutting Art





Introduction: One Piece Paper Cutting Art

Basically, this one piece of A4 paper. It's only cut out and glue together, no order piece is added. It's my first time trying this project so I design a simple one. Sadly, I don't know how to draw the template on computer so you will have to draw them yourself (if you want to make them). I will put the measurement on the picture

P.S: sorry if my english is bad.

Step 1: What You Need

-Top paper (I choose copper paper)
-Bottom paper (I choose white paper)
-Razor knife

Step 2: The Template

First, you have to design your template, or you can use my for testing (the flap for gluing should be shorter than 4mm)
After cutting out your template put it on the paper you want. Then use your pencil and draw. (note the blue pen star, you can't cut at that edge or the paper will fall out)

Step 3: Start Making

Cut out piece by piece, fold like the picture and glue them to make the table, chair and laptop.

Step 4: Finishing

Glue the paper on your backgound and you're finished
You can also make some furniture around so it's less plain



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    Well designed instructable. You will be a successful automotive engineer.



    Really Awesome !!

    Sweet, definitely on my to-do list.

    this is fantastic, I really like how clever it is! Great instructable and definitely going on my to-do list. wondering about a super-sized version for my neice's dollies when I see her next..

    That's so cool! I am going to try this! I also voted for you. Would you happen to have a template you can put up?

    1 reply

    I'm sorry, I don't know how to put it on the computer. But you can draw with all of the measurement on the instructable.

    Thank you.

    Oh wow that looks so cute !!

    Thanks, I will keep it up

    No problem

    This is cool, I've seen pictures of these on the internet before and always wondered how they were done. Thanks for sharing!

    1 reply

    Don't mention it