The town I live in has a boat building/ racing contest every year. The challenge to this contest is the materials you are allowed to use as well as the ones you are not. You are limited to One sheet of plywood, Two 2x4's, One roll of duct tape, One pound of fasteners andno other adhsieves

This year my wife expressed an interest in entering the contest so I designed a boat for her that is more stable than last years version.
I ran into some problems with my prototype. The design was good but I needed some extra screws in the bottom and I will explain that further in the instructable. There ended up being two slightly different versions of this design built.

Warning: Woodworking is inherently dangerous. You are using sharp tools some of them spinning at large RPM's. You need to be wearing eye protection at all times, hearing protection as needed and because you are going to be working on some very small pieces you must use a push stick. Niether I or Instructables bear any responsibility if you do something stupid, lose focus, act carelessly, or recklessly.
The same can be said about boating, you should be wearing a life vest anytime you are in a boat and always acting in a safe manner.
Please note that this design was inspired by the "one sheet wonders" group at Yahoo. For other great designs please stop and visit them. You may make and sell copies of this design but please give credit where it is due.

Step 1: Materials*

1) 1 4'X 8' sheet of 1/4 inch B/C grade plywood
2) 2 8" 2x4's (As few knots and a straight as possible, Yeah, Yeah I know) If you are not entering a contest like I was you might want to get a knot free 1x4 for the chine logs.
3) 1 Roll of Duct tape. (Once again if you are not entering a contest like I did get yourself some waterproof adhesive, chaulk and maybe some fiberglass tape and resin for the seams.)
4) 1 Lbs of fasteners, I used about 1/2 lb of 1"x6 coarse thread drywall screws. I f you can get 3/4 inch that will be great for the Chines and Gunwales and Inwales (Pronoucned gunnel and innel).
5) You will also need a scrap piece of wood 32" x12" that you will use for a removable form
* same as First Instructable
Vergatario, very nice, great job, muy buen trabajo, felicitaciones.
could it hold 1 adult and 2 kids ?
I would not try it. <br>It is safe for 1 adult and can hold 2 children, but I would not do 1 adult and 2 children. <br> <br>If you go to Yahoo.com Forums- Mouseboats- you will find a number of designs that will more than handle 1 adult and 2 children, but it will not be a one sheet boat. <br> <br>Thank you for asking
Do you think that the design could handle a small outboard motor?
I am not certain, I weigh 200 lbs and had 5-6 inches of freeboard. A small trolling motor might work, but then you would ahve the added weight of the battery. <br> <br> If you go to the One sheet wonders yahoo group Phil has plans for two boats the &quot;Tubby&quot; and the &quot;Norsk&quot; which both will take tolling motors. <br> <br>There is also another group called &quot;Mouse boats&quot; that has several designs from Gavin Atkin which you can put motors on. <br> <br>There is also the Duckworks site they have some really grat plans as well. <br> <br>thank you for your interest in my boat/ design
Very cool - great Instructable. The lines on your boat are much cleaner than the one I made and I like the slant you gave to the sides - much more &quot;boat&quot; looking than mine and I bet it displaces more water.<br><br>Great job
Thank you for your comments. <br>I weigh about 200lbs and it has about 45-6 inches of freeboard.
Nice design, good work!

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