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Introduction: One Wheeled Bicycle Trailer From Skatedeck

About: I am an arts and crafts teacher in a secondary school in the Netherlands. ( I love making things. Especially out of nothing, worthless materials, garbage and cheap stuff. Besides that I...

I needed a bicycletrailer to take my skimboards and other stuff to the beach. I have always liked the design of one wheelers and since it would take less space in my already packed to the roof shed the choice was made quickly. Being a skater made the choice for the base even easier and because my children grow so quickly an old bike and a nice pink scooter of my daughter supplied the rest.

It is still a work in progress because I want to weld the pin on which the trailer is joined to my bike and maybe add some other bars to make it stronger and off course some nice black paint to make it look good with my bike but I really wanted to add it to the contest. (still 20 min tot the deadline ;-) )



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