Onigiri Sushi Pillow, a continuation of my other 'ible: www.instructables.com/id/Spam-Musubi-PillowPlush/

Black Cloth
White Cloth
Sew Machine

Time: High - 2 Hours
           Low - 1 Hour

Cost: High - $15(with spare cloth and stuffing)
           Low - $5

Step 1: Prep Time 1/2

 Photo #1: Cut stencil(I always fold it in half to make sure its symmetrical)

Photo #2: Trace stencil onto fabric

Photo #3: Cut

Photo #4: Cut long piece which will be sewn to the two triangles

Photo #5
: Gauge how long you want your nori(seaweed(black fabric)) to be(I saved this for later because I'm not very good with measurements, I just kind of wing it, but if you know what you're doing, I'm sure you could cut it now)

Step 2: Prep Time 2/2

 Photo #1: Gauge how high you want the nori to go

Photo #2: Sew on soft side velcro(white would be better since the nori can be removed)

Step 3: Sew!

 Photo #1: Sew long piece to one triangle, start at the base since it will be covered by the nori*, then sew the other triangle on
*remember sew inside out

Photo #2: Both triangles are sewn on, flip right side out

Photo #3: Onigiri right side out

Step 4: Stuff and Sew Closed

Photo #1: Stuff then, sew closed

Photo #2: Completed rice part

Photo #3: Measure length of nori, then cut

Photo #4: Sew on rough side velcro to ends

Photo #5 and #6: Complete!

i just made this but a VERY small one, so it's like a keychain =]
my sister has been bothering me to make her a Onigiri pillow.lol maybe i should now. thanks!
May I suggest just sewing the black to the white part. The velcro part became a pain in the butt. If it was just one piece it'd be better I think. :)
Dude this is awesome. When i have a dream about rice i will eat this delicious looking pillow.

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