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Introduction: Onion Deodorant Prank

The best prank you can do for fun with friends and family. A joke never forget!

Step 1: ---ACTIVATE English Subtitles on the Video Settings.---

Step 2: To This Prank We Will Take the Roll-on Deodorant From a Friend or Someone in Your Family.

Step 3: With the Help of a Screwdriver Blade, Remove the Ball Deodorant.

Step 4: We Settled the Edge of the Pack Again With Our Fingers, to Take Shape Again.

Step 5: Removed the Contents of the Package.

Step 6: We Take an Onion, Cut Edges and Took Them to the Blender With a Little Water.

Step 7: Evase Fill the Deodorant With the Mixture.

Step 8: We Pressed Our Fingers to Place the Ball Deodorant Again.

Step 9: We Cover the Deodorant and Place It In.

Step 10: We Can Only Hope That Our Victim to Use It !!!

WARNING: The onion smell can last for a long time, which caused a sharp anger at the person who made the prank.

Step 11: ACTIVATE English Subtitles on the Video Settings.



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    just some advice here, maybe instead of describing the events in the title, you could name the step in the title and then describe the events in the text box below. Also, awesome prank!!

    Lovely evil idea. I have an onion hating acquaintance that owes me. this will quite the fitting payment!

    Thank you! You have good projects!

    Thank you for your comment! A greeting!