Onions Box





Introduction: Onions Box

We wanted to grow onions at home, but it takes to much space. So we did this

Step 1: You Will Need:

Something with what you can cut a holes
Dirt for home flowers
and water

Step 2: Cuting

Cut holes where you want, but leave some space from buttom for water

Step 3: And Now Fill Dirt and Plant Onions!!!

Step 4: And Now Water Onions, But Slow



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    I tried this with a milk carton but had a collasal mess trying to get my soil not to fall out of the wholes. Please tell me the trick. I love this idea

    1 reply

    The trick - fill the 5l water tank with dirt and then cut the holes

    look creepy! nice clone of the plant tower!

    Great idea!

    Where the onions shown grown from seeds?

    1 reply

    Yes, they are from seeds

    Do you water through the top? We like the green part of green onions. This would be a great way to plant the rooted bottoms!

    1 reply

    Yes we water through the top

    great idea.. nice..