http://www.softpedia.com/progDownload/GMail-Drive-shell-extension-Download-15944.htmlGMail drive is a tiny program for Windows operating system that makes your Gmail account into an online backup. You can use your Gmail account to store files that can be accessed from any computer as long as its connected to the internet. Developed by Viksoe.dk and written in Python, GMail Drive is less than 200KB and can be downloaded and installed in seconds.

Downloading and installing GMail drive - make your online backup of your Gmail account

The program is written in Python is less than 200KB. It can be downloaded from the Softpedia.com. Click on the link and then select a mirror site for downloading GMail Drive installer zip file- see image below.

Step 1: Online Backup Using Your Gmail Account Step2

When you get the installed zip file, extract it to a temporary directory and run the Setup file by double clicking on it.

The GMail Drive application installs on your system quickly and you should shortly see the confirmation message with the copyright notice. Close this window.

Now open Windows Explorer and go to My Computer. Youll find GMail Drive under Other in the folder listing on the left (if you have it turned on) - see image below.
does this still work?
my download took more than a minute
Well depends from every point of view, online storage has more reliability , and you files will be safe and secure , and the hdd the best thing is that you have your files all the time and you don't have to loose a little time to downloadem the backup from online servers. Gmail account doesn't offer until now too much stability and space than other software/services. I am using http://www.dmailer.com/dmailer-backup.html for more than 1 year and sincerely if you have good connection speed i think online backup is the best way to keep your files safe.

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