Instructable describes a Geiger counter that is connected to internet so that also other people can monitor ambient radiation situation.

Thank you very much for the details! I will try your setup.
Dear Sir.<br><br>I saw the circuit diagram of the Geiger counter in the attached PDF, but there is no information about the used transistors... I did not found the BF546 datasheet. Is it wright ? And the other 2 to drive the speaker?<br><br>About the secondary of the transformer: How much turns did you used? <br><br>Thank you very much, Mauricio Girardi.
Dear Sir,<br><br>I am relatively new to Arduino and C programming. Can you please tell me if is the counter reset by program or manually?<br><br>Thank you for potential answer.
Dear Jani_Slegr,<br>thank you for interest about Geiger conuter.<br>In the program I wrote the counter is just counting pulses and the number is increasing. This large number is read out by computer once a minute via USB-serial Arduino interface. Pulses per minute are calculated on the computer. Computer just compares the current value with the value that was one minute ago.<br>Wish you a Happy New Year!<br>

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Bio: I am a researcher working on development of optical atomic clocks. Electronics is my hobby since childhood when my uncle was bringing me old phones ... More »
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