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Prepare to impress your mate!  If he or she is in dire need of a fatty super sammy this is it.  It's the kind of sandwich for a lazy let's stay in our jammies all day Sunday morning.  

Step 1: Ingredients

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-  2 slices whole grain bread
-  1 egg
-  a few slices of green bell pepper
-  2 slices of turkey
-  1 small potato sliced into rounds
-  shredded mozzarella cheese
 - 1 tsp of oil
-  1 tbsp of butter
-  1 shake of seasoned salt
-  1 shake of black pepper
-  1 shake of onion powder
I've toyed with this idea, but since I like mine yolks a bit runny, I can't easily eat them this way since they tend to squirt when you bite 'em and it gets all over you.
REA5 years ago
i cant help but think ive seen this somewhere... ah well. looks delicious. ill have to try it some time.
ivel_48 REA4 years ago
V for Vendetta... V makes one
REA ivel_484 years ago
THATS WHERE! only i dont think he cut a hole in the middle (cant remember).
zurichko (author)  REA4 years ago
The way it's cooked in V for Vendetta is similar but instead of flipping the raw egg inside the piece of bread, it appears that it may have been steam cooked, that's why in the movie you can still see the yolk. So "V" had to make a hole, crack the egg then cover with a lid so that the egg can cook and the yolk can set. I made mine like a regular over easy egg, just in toast.
zurichko (author)  REA5 years ago
Aw really? I just thought of this because my hubby likes one eyed jacks and also really likes breakfast sammys. Oh well. It's still tastes good.
REA zurichko5 years ago
it was something similar. i dont think there was a hole in the bread in the one i saw, and there was only bacon inside with the egg. i think it was on a japanese morning show.
Juiroame4 years ago
I remember this, It was in a movie I saw a few years ago, I have been trying to figure out the best method for making my own at the house. This fills in the missing piece. thanks!