Introduction: Only You Can Prevent Lanslides and Floods: Plant Clumping Bamboos!

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This is more a PSA than anything: I'm very fascinated by this plant, its fast grow rate and other features are remarkable

as said in the video , there are many species of bamboo: my favourite are the clumping ones, since they won't ruin the land they're planted in; I personally own a phyllostachys bissettii, that can survive to -20 Celsius degrees, and a dendrocalamus giganteus, that can survive to a -5 Celsius degrees temperature.

so, if you wonder how to improve the resistance to landslides of your land, my advice is to plant these bamboos, since their roots will rapidly bound with the unstable land and will remain easy to control and eradicate.

their essicated trunks can be used to build dams, fences, furniture and even entire houses, so you won't regret this choice.

thanks for the attention, ciao


DIY Hacks and How Tos (author)2015-09-26

The video is not working

to be honest I've just pasted the url, I'll try it again

Eclipse1525 (author)2015-09-26

Where do you get your bamboo plants?

EnnioP (author)Eclipse15252015-09-26

on ebay, there are many shops you can find online, like this and this , I've bought them two years ago, so I don't remember exactly mine, sorry

if you buy the seedlings they're good to go and very resistant, the seeds instead must be treated in a certain way to germinate

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