Step 5: Oobleck videos

Still not convinced you want to make it? Play some of these videos to see it in action.

<p>Made it in science class wow I'm a teen and that was the first time I had ever heard of oobleck but it's pretty neat!</p>
<p>Great experiment.... </p>
<p>Thanks for interesting video!</p>
<p>Thanks for interesting video!</p>
<p>Thanks for interesting video!</p>
<p>Maybe I try it with my little sister :)</p>
<p>great techniuque </p>
<p>Thanks for your help</p>
<p>Wow, a little messy.</p>
<p>The old cornflour and water trick!</p>
<p>nice technique</p>
<p>really nice</p>
<p>love your stuff</p>
<p>cool stuff I did this in 1-3rd grade its awesome but a little messy </p>
<p>classic but still work very nicely</p>
<p>The old cornflour trick, we did this as kids.</p>
<p>yes i remember those times :-)</p>
<p>Great one.</p>
<p>when i was in school my teacher made this</p>
<p>thanks for sharing.</p>
<p>Nice one work.</p>
<p>Creative stuffs. Amazing.</p>
<p>Good one.</p>
<p>Good one.</p>
<p>Hi its interesting, keep sharing similar stuffs with us. Thank you.</p>
<p>Fabulous work.</p>
<p>nice one work.</p>
<p>Thanks for sharing.</p>
<p>Great work.</p>
<p>nice work.</p>
<p>this keeps my niece interested for hours.</p>
<p>Thanks for interesting video!</p>
<p>like your post</p>
<p>Good work</p>
<p>Fabulous work.</p>
<p>Extraordinary Work.</p>
<p>good one,</p>
<p>Superb work</p>
<p>excellent work.</p>

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