Introduction: Oodammo Assault Rifle

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I give full credit to Killer~SafeCracker.

This is a great assault rifle if you ask me. with 2 64 rubberbands, it has enough punch to dent a sheet of drywall from a good 20 feet away. Not quite sure how far it shoots, I haven't tested it at all.

Large Magazine
Moderate Piece Count

Scope doesn't work
mag might jam occasionally

Interested? Well, here's the instructions!! Have fun!!

Step 1: The Main Gun

Picture of The Main Gun

Follow the steps, it shouldn't be that hard. It's exactly the same as Killer~SafeCracker's pistol, just with an extended mag.

Step 2: Stock

Picture of Stock

This is a little less complex than the main gun, but it can still be tricky if you don't look close enough.

Step 3: "Barrel"

Picture of "Barrel"

This is just alternative to the gray connector on KSC's pistol. It's even more fake that the traditional fake barrel. It just floats above the bullet.

Step 4: Handle

Picture of Handle

The handle. Really easy, no worries.

Step 5: Putting It All Together

Picture of Putting It All Together

simply the title.

Step 6: Rubber Bands and Ram Rod

Picture of Rubber Bands and Ram Rod

Where to place the rubber bands and where the ram rod goes. As simple as that.

Step 7: Scope (optional)

Picture of Scope (optional)

I actually suggest you don't put it on. It just gets in the way. But for those of you who like to make things that look cool, here it is.

Step 8: All Done!!!

Picture of All Done!!!

Okay, there you have it. my oodammo assault rifle. Have fun with it, use it in a couple knex wars, put it on display, do what you want with it. Don't hurt anyone, I'm not liable for injury. Comment!!!!


ashchetm (author)2009-09-23

Nice old I-mac! which one is it? Also nice gun. I will definitely consider building it.

Furloy (author)ashchetm2009-09-24

love macs. my dad just got the new 17" screen pro. game me the powerbook g4 i typed this on it. LONG LIVE MACS!

ashchetm (author)Furloy2009-09-24

I got a 15 inch powerbook g4, it needs a new hard drive, and new fan, it smells of burnt plastic, it gets WAY to hot. But mostly i'ma linux person. thats what i am using on my ASUS netbook and my desktop.

AJBrawlLvr (author)ashchetm2009-09-28

ewwww linux

I agree. Up with Windows, down with Linux, and Apple is only good for its iPhones and iPads. But if you know some good programming, Linux is probably the best!

Er... this is a little off topic... XD

ashchetm (author)AJBrawlLvr2009-09-28

linux? its awesome!

Speedmite (author)ashchetm2010-01-31

Runnin solaris here.

Furloy (author)ashchetm2011-01-22

i know it took me a while 2 reply but about 2 weeks ago i got a used 08' macbook pro

it's a Indigo G3. It's extremely slow, but we have a G5 and a macbook Pro, so we don't use it much anymore.

Fred the evil puppet (author)2011-06-11

Without the scope, it looks just like a thompson.
I'd build it if I weren't building the z35 ftw!

The Z35? O.o That's even better than this gun. Trust me, I personally built the Z35 with all its features; it was AMAZING!!!! Anyway, great job Alien Terminator!

BTW, does it have a tactical rail?

ProtectTheAlphaWolf made it! (author)2016-04-27

I made it! and it works great! no!, Really!

Io kieran oI (author)2012-04-06

I have made a mod of this gun I personally think its a good mod please give me feed back on what you think. P.S This gun is Amazing! :)

Link to mod:

The link my not work because I have deleted it and remade it here is the link:

~Meme~ (author)2012-03-07

Aaaaaw, I wish I could have two so I could, ya know, OWN EVERYTHING.

~Meme~ (author)2012-03-06

Love the stock!

wout147 (author)2012-01-11

really nice gun i am gonna make it today

ZepMan190 (author)2011-07-09

your gun is awsome it took me ages to make however it was worth it.

dfryursertyu (author)2011-04-29

can u make another one because that is extremely awsome

Alien Terminator (author)2010-12-07

Thanks everyone who rated this 5*'s. I didn't expect it to reach this high ever.

KnexFreak360 (author)2010-12-05

awsome gun i was auctally planning on making a oodammo rifle. By the way 5*

tytiger33 (author)2010-11-30

MACS MUST DIE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

chevy62 (author)2010-10-12

if i modded your gun and i post and give you credit can i post it

Alien Terminator (author)chevy622010-10-13

Yeah, sure, I don't care. This gun's a mod off of KSCracker's thunder bolt assault pistol. If your gonna give someone credit, give it to him.

Speedmite (author)2010-01-29

This gun is awsome, couple of tricks to building it, but its good. If you do a mod, a removable magazine would be nice, cause it takes a bit to put all the ammo in.

Your ram does need fixing. I made it, put 2 bands on for a dry fire, Pulled the trigger, and heard a whistling sound by my ear. Turns out, the black piece broke off, flew into yonder- counldnt find it- and the ram had almost shot all the way through with tape and string on there. and the little tan clip broke. =( I decided to use my tried and trusted ram technique, and it works great, but i had to add the tan clip so I wouldnt have to dig for it.

Also, the curved rail is a little iffy. It keeps popping apart. Suggestions?

chevy62 (author)Speedmite2010-09-29

i moved the rubber bands back because i had that problem.

 I didn't like the rail all that much either, tell you the truth. I ended up modding it a bunch, until I found something I liked. I posted it the way it was because I didn't have any problems with it until later, so I apologize. I don't have it built anymore, sadly, because I tried to make something else, but it didn't work, so I no longer have what I came up with. MY suggestion is to just try things. I converted to a flat rail, I know that, but feel free to test stuff out. I apologize for not having any specific suggestions.

As for the ram rod, I never had that problem. It's possible I had less power that you did, but I never ran into that problem. I'm glad you found something suitable.

I'll try that.

Well, at least it was fun

Oh, and is there supposed to be a oodamo free between the primed one and one on the ammo rod?

And BTW, I think a grey ammo rod to a black ammo rod makes a difference. I dont have any black, so I used a grey, and it curves more than yours. Oh well. It isnt causing problems.

Speedmite (author)Speedmite2010-01-30

Ok, I'm getting problems with more power. Went from2-4 bands and the "floating" ammo began shooting with the round in a weak spray. I think I am going to rebuild the magazine, and make it accommodate regular rods and have it be replaceable. First experience with oodammo I didnt like. Good gun though. Let you know how my mod goes when I get done.

I made the rail flat too.

Speedmite (author)Speedmite2010-01-31

Ok, Did a bunch of work, and got it to work with a removable rod firing mag. Had to take off a bunch of the gun to do it, and add a support, cause the fake barrel was getting weak. The mag is easy to build and converting the gun is easy. The mag is also able to fire blue, yellow, and red by only switching the removable mag. I plan to make and instructable on modding your gun to the style I made.

Speedmite (author)Speedmite2010-01-31

Rebuilt my ram a second time, so that it is a lot easier to pull back. Trying to find my mod's limit of bands (bout to try 10), and see what it does, and then improve that.

Building it left handed, cause its easier to pull the ram back with my right hand, though I am right handed.

Speedmite (author)Speedmite2010-02-02

Found its limit, not where I wanted it, so I learn from this, and build a new gun.

Not making an 'ible anymore.

 Well, I think it would have been better if you didn't post as many comments as you did, but I'm glad you came to your conclusion already. I'd love to see pics of your mods so I can see what you did, so If you could get some that'd be great. Try your own thing with Instructables. It may be a break through!!

Ill try to post a few pics.

Sorry about the comments, I just was excited about the lastest mod I did, and I think that you know that feelin.

I used a lot of tape.....and broke a few pieces.....

I think Ill just make a slideshow.

Speedmite (author)Speedmite2010-02-02

Too much for a slideshow, gonna make my first 'ible, though I may or may not go in depth much.

Let me know when you post it. I'd like to see it for myself.

I will let you know then. I would post a pic, but I dont want some overachievers building it before I get it done. I kinda would like everyone to get it at once.

 okay, cool by me.

Great, though it might be a while. Really buisy with a bunch of school projects lately,

Speedmite (author)Speedmite2010-03-21

Ugg..... Its a pain, just making a slideshow and giving up. Made more mods, And its amazing! I did a bunch to it, 12 bands, no problems. Made a much better trigger too ( yours would beak in a bad place to fix with more bands)

I love bamboo skewers! Im shooting though cardboard, pop cans, into spines of paperback books on the shelf above my cardboard  target by acident, and stuck a few in the wall, by accident. Improved the mag. Working on making a single shot clip on attachment to shoot singles more accuratey, and maybe an clip onable oodammo.

BTW, It can shoot tic tacs! some explode out the side, but others make a stinging minty hit! Oh, I had my chainmail I made, put it on my leg, loaded the gun with a  tic tac, and BOOOM! well, I wish. It shatered instantly, and rained down a white dust. Fun.

tytiger33 (author)Speedmite2010-08-17

Is there an ible on how ot make that chainmail

An Villain (author)Speedmite2010-05-19

I hate it when the firing pins break.

Speedmite (author)An Villain2010-05-24

Yea. It happens though.

An Villain (author)Speedmite2010-05-24

Quite unfortunate.

chevy62 (author)2010-09-28

dude nice gun 5* i had to make the mag a red rod gray rod was a little to big.

erikos kostarikos (author)2010-09-25

Dude, it got up to 5*s!!!I gave it 5 too.=]

leafydave (author)2010-09-20

i got it up .o2 :D

knexjay (author)2010-09-09


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