Oodammo Assault Rifle





Introduction: Oodammo Assault Rifle

I give full credit to Killer~SafeCracker.

This is a great assault rifle if you ask me. with 2 64 rubberbands, it has enough punch to dent a sheet of drywall from a good 20 feet away. Not quite sure how far it shoots, I haven't tested it at all.

Large Magazine
Moderate Piece Count

Scope doesn't work
mag might jam occasionally

Interested? Well, here's the instructions!! Have fun!!

Step 1: The Main Gun

Follow the steps, it shouldn't be that hard. It's exactly the same as Killer~SafeCracker's pistol, just with an extended mag.

Step 2: Stock

This is a little less complex than the main gun, but it can still be tricky if you don't look close enough.

Step 3: "Barrel"

This is just alternative to the gray connector on KSC's pistol. It's even more fake that the traditional fake barrel. It just floats above the bullet.

Step 4: Handle

The handle. Really easy, no worries.

Step 5: Putting It All Together

simply the title.

Step 6: Rubber Bands and Ram Rod

Where to place the rubber bands and where the ram rod goes. As simple as that.

Step 7: Scope (optional)

I actually suggest you don't put it on. It just gets in the way. But for those of you who like to make things that look cool, here it is.

Step 8: All Done!!!

Okay, there you have it. my oodammo assault rifle. Have fun with it, use it in a couple knex wars, put it on display, do what you want with it. Don't hurt anyone, I'm not liable for injury. Comment!!!!



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Nice old I-mac! which one is it? Also nice gun. I will definitely consider building it.

love macs. my dad just got the new 17" screen pro. game me the powerbook g4 i typed this on it. LONG LIVE MACS!

I got a 15 inch powerbook g4, it needs a new hard drive, and new fan, it smells of burnt plastic, it gets WAY to hot. But mostly i'ma linux person. thats what i am using on my ASUS netbook and my desktop.

I agree. Up with Windows, down with Linux, and Apple is only good for its iPhones and iPads. But if you know some good programming, Linux is probably the best!

linux? its awesome!

Runnin solaris here.

i know it took me a while 2 reply but about 2 weeks ago i got a used 08' macbook pro

it's a Indigo G3. It's extremely slow, but we have a G5 and a macbook Pro, so we don't use it much anymore.