Alright, be prepared for the worst quality pictures of all my instructables. My camera had the hardest time focusing and embarrassingly enough I couldn't figure out how to turn off the flash. Anyways, you wanted it so I'm giving it to you. It was rushed greatly so I only recommend that those of you with a good amount of k'nex experience build it. Otherwise you'll probably be confused. You'll probably be confused even with experience so feel free to ask questions.

So this is my 3rd design for an oodammo pistol. It features:
-High cap. 17-19 round magazine
-Breaking magazine for easy loading
-Locking mag pusher
-Comfortable handle
-Compact, 5 layer design
-Simple, true trigger
-Stripper clips

Step 1: Handle

Here is my ultimate awesome handle of super coolness...well not really. I like it a lot though and intend to use it again. The trigger is also pretty simple.

1. This is the very base for the handle and trigger. Pretty simple.
2. This is the middle and a part to connect the outer layers to. Also simple.
3. This is adding the middle part. Still very simple.

That's all for now but we'll add more on to it later.
to many Y cons
Too* And sorry to hear you can't build it. While I do dislike how many Y's it uses, I built it this way to give it a compact yet sturdy form. Some Y's can be replaced, however.
i have 21 Y conectors
I made this version, and it works like a charm. But you would have to see it to actually believe me =D You earned 5*
I kept this gun for my record time. 3 weeks.<br />
well i kept my full size mg42 for only 1 week and insted i made the sr-v1
i kept a crossbow for 1/2 of a year but that is probably because i put it away to move then i forgot about it but when i found it it still worked.
lol i normally tell myself that im going to build one hge gun and thats it for my knex but when i get building i cant stop. for example i built a ptrs like a week ago then broke it and made a ppsh.
<p><img alt="" src="http://www.threadbombing.com/data/media/26/nobody_cares.jpg" /></p>
Nice way to use my pic lol.<br />
Couldn't resist lol.
Wait, your comment just turned blank.<br />
Nothing to do with me :s
Haha! I kept my SPARCCS for 2 years!
how many Y clips in all?<br /> <br />
can any give me a number of parts list?
uhmm mine shoots all bullets at same time
nvm it got 3 ty
uhm i cant see how many layers the handle haves plz tell me ty
Building now.<br />
top notch weapon.... again. 5 stars. <br />
&nbsp;it is cool but i can't get it to shoot
Check out my newest forum topic.<br />
Glad my pistols challenge you. &nbsp;I remember your comments about remaking your first assault pistol back when I had the Jackal v2.<br />
I just like proving I'm better =P<br />
haha, I really don't try to compete when I build unless challenged repeatedly (I'm looking at you logic boy).<br /> <br /> I ordered some knex, and when it comes in next saturday/sunday/monday/whatever, I can remake the Jackal v4 and give it this original trigger that works. &nbsp;The trigger only has 1 joint to move, unlike other triggers with at least 2 hinges/joints.<br />
i avent got any more y clips can i use something else<br /> <br />
Well most are needed but you can replace a few of the ones on top by sticking green rods in the holes and then putting green rods where the Ys are to keep them in there. How many do you have? You're probably better off just building my other one.<br />
Use a different oodammo gun.<br />
What should I build next? I hadn't one good idea that worked before this pistol and I only made it because I wanted to challenge DJ and killersafecracker.
How abot a TDAR?
TD is actually discussing assault rifle ideas with me on a seperate forum.&nbsp; It's a possibility that he will make a TDAR for a next gun.<br />
I am correct, therefore I win.
This wasn't even a game or a contest.&nbsp;&nbsp;What a hollow victory.<br />
I agree.
Compact repeating shotgun. With spread. I just built it, and I love it! But you're right, you have to put your hand on the frunt, otherwise the mag breaks off. Other than that, great job!
I wonder why it does that, the first version of my oodammo pistol had a larger mag that held 12 shots, and when fired, the mag was still together, but the oodammo flew off the mag everywhere. In truth the earlier version was better as a grenade. The one that I have pictures of only holds 8, but it doesn't have that problem.
Mag friction most likely. I think it would improve if you add more power to the firing pin. It's like playing jenga. The piece of ammo on top will attempt to grip the ammo below sometimes taking it with and sometimes ripping the whole entire rod off. However, if you shoot it out fast enough it will do this less. That's my guess anyways.
With more bands on the ram, the mag exploded.
Use a white connector for the ammo guide and put green rods on the remaining slots on the connector. <br />
It also doesn't help that the mag 'locks' back. It isn't held in the shooting position very well, and when it shoots, it 'locks' into the loading position. For me at least.
The one I was talking about doesn't lock back. It just has removable mags.
Oops, I was talking about why <em>this</em> does it.<br/>
Oh ok.
Could you possibly review it? I need a full opinion on it.
seriously why can't try and get to talk to me i'm what dj said i'm more active then you think, and also awesome gun i built it but lowered the mag capacity to blue rod length and it holds seven bullets
Dude, it might be because he can't tell what you're saying... I sure can't.<br/>Maybe I didn't even understand that part right! =p<br/>
I added it to the review list.
Lol yup. It wasn't that way with the blue rod magazine but this is simply too large to not do that.

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