Introduction: Oodassault Pistol

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Oodammo is a very simple concept made by oodalumps from KI. They are simply red connectors on white rods. They are incredibly accurate and smaller than the standard yellow and red rods used for war weapons. They've been used in single shots quite a bit. Of course I like repeaters so I decided to make one that could repeat. What I got was my oodassault pistol.

This is my V2.5 pistol. This is made more to be used as a side arm being more compact than BB's oodammo pistols. It holds about 7 rounds.
Piece List- Thanks Razzlekunai

4 white connectors
2 blue 3-D connectors
11 yellow connectors
8 orange connectors
9 green connectors
14 red connectors
6 light gray connectors
6 dark gray connectors

1 gray/black/clear rod
5 blue rods
23 white rods
49 green/black rods

5 tan clips
2 blue clips
11 Y clips
2 blue spacers
1 ball joint socket

However many rubberbands you want for the firing pin
Another rubberband to help with force suppression (or you could use tape, or whatever you think works best)
1 small rubberband for the mag

Step 1: Main Body and Handle

Picture of Main Body and Handle

This gun uses one of those connector barrels for rods. The handle is the same from my other assault pistols that I never posted yet.

1. Main Body. Should be easy enough to build. Just look at each part carefully.
2. Simple outer part of the handle.
3. Inside part of handle.
4. Put together like so.
5. Attach like so.

Pretty easy so far?

Step 2: Trigger

Picture of Trigger

The trigger is based off of IaC's trigger from his pistols. I loved the trigger bock part but I didn't care for the trigger pull part so I made my own with a sliding pull. It's pretty comfortable to use. Oh and there's a safety. It was simple so I added it even if it won't be used often. It's mainly going to be used for loading which I'll show you later.

1. Simple part. This will connect to the trigger guard and help support the magazine later.
2. Add it to the green rods on the main barrel.
3. All the parts you'll need for the trigger.
4. This part is the block. Connect it with a white rod on the empty black hands.
5. These parts connect the block and the trigger. Shouldn't be that difficult to add.
6. Add the trigger down in here. Also shouldn't be that hard to figure out.
7. Add any connector piece here to keep the trigger together.
8. Trigger guard with safety.
9. Just add here. If you're left handed then switch the sides the blue rods go on.

Alright now you have a single shot weapon but we want a repeater so move onto the magazine step.

Step 3: Magazine

Picture of Magazine

The magazine is a simple poll guide with connectors to guide the white rods of the ammo. It's as compact as I could make it without it being really flimsy or not feeding correctly. Once again it holds about 7 rounds. It has been 100% reliable so far.

1. This is the main part of the magazine. Shouldn't be that tough should it?
2. Connect the yellows here and then snap a white rod onto the oranges.
3. Make these parts.
4. Put a white rod through the hole and then connect the dark grey there.
5. Flip up the reds and connect to the Yellow for some extra support.
6. Make these. The black hand will act as the front sight so you can replace it with other things.
7. Add this part here.
8. Then add the other parts for some more support to the barrel. Secure with a piece like the tan lock at the end of the rod.

Step 4: Firing

Picture of Firing

So far this has been perfectly reliable and very accurate. It doesn't get quite as much distance as otehr oodammo weapons but it still shoots pretty far.

1. Simple firing pin. If you put a rubber band around it just right it should hold up to at least 2 64s maybe 3 which is all I ever use.
2. Put the rubber bands up here and you won't need separate bands for the trigger.
3. Gather some ammo and a medium rubberband. The red one will basically support the rubber band and won't be fired.
4. To make it easier to load, cock the gun then put the safety on. I don't know about you but I don't want to be shot while loading the gun.
5. Put your ammo in and on the blue rod.
6. Wrap the band under the bottom of the ammo and put each end around the orange connectors. It should be just out of the way for the very top pieces of ammo being fired.

And there you have it. Have fun and don't kill anyone.


landvaarder (author)2012-05-24

this is by far the best oodammo pistol i know
also better than most rifles
i made it with a 20 round mag

TheDunkis (author)landvaarder2012-05-24

Why thank you. Have you tried my Oodassault 3 series, though? They're not as simple but overall have more features that I like. But if this suits you as is, fair enough.

landvaarder (author)TheDunkis2012-05-28

although i must admit it looks and works good (ive build the 3.6), the mag is too unstable for my taste when its breaking like that
thats why i like this one better with my custom 20 rounds mag
but still great inovations though, love to see more updates on the oodassault series

TheDunkis (author)landvaarder2012-05-28

Alright, entirely fair enough. Enjoy your weapon. d(^_^d)

xieandy18 (author)2011-06-13

Can i post this on utube

TheDunkis (author)xieandy182011-06-13

As in make a video of it or make a slideshow of how to build it? Well either way, go for it, but my newer versions are probably better in every way except the amount of pieces used. Do as you wish, though. Just remember to credit.

xieandy18 (author)TheDunkis2011-06-16

I did give you credits and this is the link:

xieandy18 (author)xieandy182011-07-13

Also, Is your name TheDunkis on Youtube

TheDunkis (author)xieandy182011-07-13

Nope, but I don't publicly youtube my K'nexing hobby anymore so it doesn't matter.

xieandy18 (author)TheDunkis2011-08-23


Killer~SafeCracker (author)2009-05-02

Looks good but it takes some time to load.

Are there any repeaters that don't? Removable magazines for these would be pretty complicated.

Wow time flies. And apparently we build better stuff now. :)

A removable isn't that hard I already have one.

Alright I made it a lot quicker to load. I'll be adding the link to the video shortly.


beanieostrich (author)2011-04-18

Nice, simple design. Might get around to building one of these =D

TheDunkis (author)beanieostrich2011-04-18

Unless you're stretched for pieces, I'd see if you could build the 3.6 and then look at my forum topic and try to modify it into the 3.8 if possible. That's my recommendation anywho. Good luck with whatever you do.

beanieostrich (author)TheDunkis2011-04-18

You surprised me with the quick reply XD I will do a V3.6 and give you credit. It will have a better name too XD You should see the Creeping Death crossbow too.

TheDunkis (author)beanieostrich2011-04-18

Yeah, by chance I was on when I got the email. Mkay, have fun.

beanieostrich (author)TheDunkis2011-04-19


x-treme (author)2010-09-19

Awesome gun. Just finished making it. 5*

TheDunkis (author)x-treme2010-09-19

Thanks. If you have the pieces, I recommend building my version 3.6 which is better in pretty much every way except piece consumption.

jamesdude (author)2010-06-26

Once I made a turret pistol out of this. Powerful as heck.

182515 (author)2010-04-11

This was the first knex pistol i ever made and i thought it was awesome. (It still is good but not as good as i thought it was.)

TheDunkis (author)1825152010-04-11

It was one of the best at the time. Obviously it's rather obsolete now. It was like the third oodammo pistol that ever existed so I didn't really worry about competition.

DJ Radio (author)TheDunkis2010-04-13

I thought it was the first if you don't count the first version that you made.

TheDunkis (author)DJ Radio2010-04-14

Whoever made the first, I still don't know but I believe it was me because bakenbitz said something about the rising sun being inspired by my weapon but we were both working on one at the same time. So then that makes the rising sun second. That thing I actually had to worry about. That's why I redid the gun completely then made it shorter and ended up with this.

Then it slowly became a fad. Luckily it's not quite as bad as the original side arms but we still have more than necessary. I can still thank you for indirectly motivating me to start the V3 series.

DJ Radio (author)TheDunkis2010-04-14

Glad I could inspire.

182515 (author)TheDunkis2010-04-12

Ya totaly agree

MiniBr1t (author)2010-03-26

best gun ive ever made aaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwweeeeeeeeesssssssssoooooooommmmeeeeeeeeeeee

TheDunkis (author)MiniBr1t2010-03-26

Thanks. Try out my Oodassault 3.6 if you have the pieces. You might like that one better. Maybe. Some people like this better for the pure simplicity and conservation of parts.

MiniBr1t (author)2010-03-26

for the light grey connectors can i use red connectors instead cause i cant find enough

TheDunkis (author)MiniBr1t2010-03-26

It depends where but I'm assuming you're talking about right about the magazine? Yeah sure go for it.

TheDunkis (author)TheDunkis2010-03-26


MiniBr1t (author)2010-03-26

dont matter im good

~Z~ (author)2009-10-05

I couldn't get the trigger to work...

Kinetic (author)~Z~2009-10-06

Really? Worked fine for me. Try using a blue clip instead of a tan clip.

~Z~ (author)Kinetic2009-10-06

I dont really care though.

Kinetic (author)~Z~2009-10-06

It really is the best pistol i've ever made, i would suggest sticking to it.

~Z~ (author)Kinetic2009-10-06

But i dont wanna glue it on me!

Kinetic (author)~Z~2009-10-06

Lol i know I'm just saying you might find it worth it

~Z~ (author)Kinetic2010-01-16

I feel so stupid. I built it again and know what i found? My safety thing was on. i was such a freakking noob!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh and 4.5 stars

Kinetic (author)~Z~2010-01-17

 really?  lol!  Its a great pistol isn't it-I still prefer it to the 3.6.

~Z~ (author)Kinetic2010-01-17

Yep, but the only thing its missing is a bigger mag

landvaarder (author)~Z~2010-02-28

 sorry for the late reply, but i made it with a big mag (20)
shall i post it?

~Z~ (author)landvaarder2010-02-28

Nice, but no, not unless you wanted to because the dunkis made many other versions with larger mags such as this and this

landvaarder (author)~Z~2010-03-02

 lol, the first one u showed has 12 rounds max, the second 17 max, my mod is 20 rounds

~Z~ (author)Kinetic2009-10-06

Ill take it apart wen i get bored of it

brentbrent (author)2010-01-17

How come you didnt make instructions to make the clip like in the video on Youtube?

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