Step 9: Strike a Pose!

Time for photography and fun! :D Go scare little kiddies or parade in your new suit. I had him dance in front of the green felt and put him in with the Boogie Man Himself! So you can listen to the song and watch their "duet" haha.

I really recommend going to a public place to make kids happy and families smile because it makes YOU feel good about it. I really needed that, to bring me up from the slums that I was in, a couple days before. HAPPINESS is Contagious! <3
Loved the instructions. This is how my version came out with my own tweaks. Thank you! I was the winner of a halloween costume contest.
I attached the wire for the mouth to this and it worked great
Thanks for having this up. It was fun wearing it. I made my mask move.
This went great! Took me a few hours but will have to spend a few more to perfect it. Learned a few things along the way using this guide and plenty of actual photos; The stitches look best when they go straight across the seem, to make sewing easier i ttaped the yarn to a bamboo bbq skewer allowing me to thread many stitches at once, also i used twine to sew as i had some in the house.
This is incredible both my mom and I are obsessed with this movie. We have been Jack and Sally so many times for halloween i cant even count anymore. Soo this is very exciting to finally try out Oogie Boogie. One of my favorite characters.
What a great turnout!! I was jack, and Sally last couple years for Halloween..so im glad i found this ooggie boogie how to. Ty for posting
Was it easy for him to get in and out of the costume all by himself and if so, how? I'm just thinking of being able to use the toilet and such ;). I'm considering making it for this years halloween, so it's pretty crucial is possible ;)
<p>That looks amazing! It looks just like the movie! </p>
<p>Made this for a &quot;Halloween in July&quot; party any it was awesome! I couldn't get the eyebrows to look good so I left them out, but everything else turned out great!!</p>
<p>I have a question, do you happen to have a video showing how you made this? I only ask cause me and my friend who is helping me are both visual learners, like we need a video to help.</p>
I made this a couple years ago - and pulled it out again this year (with just as many if not more compliments). Below is upon completion (except feet) and the &quot;big day&quot; taking it in public.
<p>4 Years on and this is still helping people :) this is my effort. Thank you!</p>
Last full body pic was cut off. This is a bit better. I also added holes around the wrist to have hand access &amp; a slit with velcro on the side to be able to reach his pocket/wallet
Thank you!!! Your instructions were a great help! Wore the mask on a hat at Disneyland for MIckey's Halloween Party &amp; will wear the whole outfit for a party this weekend.
Thank you for the instructions! They were really helpful <br>had a great time making it
Thanks for posting, I got the materials today to do it for my husband. Hopefully I can pull it off.
<p>Great instructions! Thank you for posting! I'm making this right now for my son to wear in Disney World for the Halloween Party! Having trouble shaping the head but hopefully it will work out.</p>
Quick question: how much were the supplies and where did you get them? I love the costume you made!! It's amazing and looks like the real Boogie! I want to frighten my friends on halloween night! Mwahaha?
<p>We are working on a nightmare before Christmas display for Halloween and Christmas for our home in the front yard. Your costume was the inspiration for our stand up Oogie Boogie. Took us a while to get enough stuffing to fill him up. Hope you like him. Your costume helped me get a great start and turned out fantastic. Thanks for the ideas and diy.</p>
<p>Turned out great! The only things I changed were: I sewed just the edges of the arms so I could easily take my arms in and out. Also I made little boots for it to fit around my shoes.</p><p></p>
<p>Turned out great! The only things I changed were: I sewed just the edges of the arms so I could easily take my arms in and out. Also I made little boots for it to fit around my shoes.</p><p></p>
also made this...didn't do the glow and added some bugs....I also used a hat and some foam underneath to keep the burlap off my hubby face...thanks for the directions
Thank you for the how to manual....our boogie boogie was a huge success...
<p>Question: Did you double up on the burlap? In your photographs the entire costume looks very opaque. But with the burlap I'm using one layer seems pretty transparent. Under decent lighting I can easily see clothing and hands under it. </p>
I can't even wrap my mind around how awesome this is. Really cool, and so well executed!
<p>How did you cut the burlap for the mask?? I am trying to make the costume to my son, but I am a little scared about the mask! :-). Cross you fingers :-)</p>
<p>This is awesome!</p>
<p>im making a girl version of this, but im going to use your mask. </p>
<p>Pics to follow as it is not quite done but making this for my 10 year old for part of our family costume. This made it so much simpler!!</p>
<p>This looks like a really great project; thanks for sharing! I'm going to try it for a Halloween event next week and the only thing I'm going to change is to purchase green (or avocado actually) colored burlap - and bypass the issues with using black lights and/or spray painting the fabric. I have sourced the colored burlap and hope my design turns out half as good as yours! Thanks again!</p>
<p>Thank you! I followed your instructable last year for Halloween; it turned out really good &amp; everyone loved it! Here is my daughter wearing it with my niece in her store bought Sally costume. I think the only thing I had problems with is making his body look full &amp; not like a person wearing a sack...mainly because I ran out of time. </p>
<p>This is awesome! It looks so professional. I'm trying to do a last minute costume. I have too many events &amp; I won't be able to swing too many projects, but this one looks perfect. Thanks so much for the idea and for the tips! You have inspired me!!!!</p>
<p>Love this!!! Finally a project I think I can pull off! LOL!</p><p>Thanks for posting. Nice job!</p>
<p>You did such a wonderful job. I am looking at making him as a prop for an event in October and wanted to thank you for the tutorial. It will be helpful because I did not want to make a solid piece due to transport and now I realized I can do it similar to what you have done and make the costume then prep him on site! Thanks again</p>
I used your directions to make an Oogie Boogie this last week. They were so helpful! Thanks so much! <br> <br>Mine isn't as nice as yours and it doesn't glow but we did win a costume contest.
Can I recommend making the paint yourself? You can buy the glow powder relatively cheaply (it's used to make fishing lures) and then just mix it with any clear coat. Viola. Glow paint.
Can you help me make a Candlejack costume?
I did this for Halloween this year. Mine didn't turn out as well (and didn't glow), but for ~$25 and ~2 hours of work, I was presentable at a halloween party. I used hot glue for the seams. It was faster and easier than sewing. I also created the sleeves separately, so they could be pulled off easily. I wish I had used safety pins to hold the mask to the body. I am 6'3&quot;, and I kinda looked like a guy in a burlap sack. I wish that I had used safety pins to hold pillows on the inside, around the middle to give the body some bulk. But otherwise, it was cool. Thank you for the original instructions!
Beautiful! I would have sewn some plastic bugd into the seams.
this is awesome. very inspiring.
This is nuts. You are AWESOME! Nice job.
Wow this is amazing! I am planning on making it for someone for halloween.
did you make shoes for the costume
I LOVE OOGIE BOOGIE! Great job on this costume! It's the best I've seen!
Luv it!!! You are amazing ty for sharing.<br>
I can't believe how good this is. It's like you pulled him right off the screen. Great project and well deserved win. Congrats.
thank you very much! that's amazing feedback and i super-appreciate it!! :)
Congrats on the well deserved win! This was one of my favorite costumes this year!
thank you so much! :D i am giving him the prize for his bday tomorrow! i hope he doesn't see this! :D

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