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Introduction: Opals and More

When I think of Faberge Eggs I think of precious and semi precious stones. The inspiration for my egg is entitled Renaissance Egg. Though this egg does not look like my egg there are several similarities between them. Note the surround findings, they are very close in looks, plus they used cabochon rubies I used cabochon opals. On this ostrich egg I used 75 opals. Opals can come in several colors, so I had to pick the ones that look close in color.

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    Cdhull Why would she/he break a faberge egg

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    It was a Faberge egg style, using a real egg. Faberge used real gold and gems, but I was able to replace the egg and used parts from her old egg.

    Today I am sad - one of my Faberge eggs is broken by an equally sad friend.
    I found your website and was blown away by your work so I have a feeling you might be of help in my quest.

    I have 'remnants' and would like to get it reconstructed. I have photos, etc.
    I am in Sacramento, CA. It would be important to find someone nearby - any suggestions?

    This is one of a pair that was left me by a very long time friend when she passed away. I have no idea of value - it is a hen egg, jewells appear to be 4 opal stones within gold filligre, some crystal drop pendants and crystal with gold enhancements. It was hanging from a gold stand.

    Carol (blondnik@comcast.net )- help - anyone ???

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    I am so happy that I was able to help you. May you enjoy your new/old egg for a long time. Also, hopefully, you will also be able to go to the Sacramento Egg Show.

    I have been collecting eggs for some 20 years and my mantle is full of them but not all of them b/c there are simply too many so the most prized ones I love most are on the mantle (DH said choose b/c I didn't have for my Galileo Thermomether, the Brass Candle Stick Holders, or the photo of my daughter & SIL on their wedding day not to mention a few pieces of Native American Indian art & carved items from the reservation (I'm half Cherokee/half Arapaho), and then there's the beautiful smaller vases yet stunning in their own right made by Ben Owens, who is a multi-generational potter - an actual Master Potter. One of the vases from him is in Patina whereas the other is in Chinese Red. He's the only potter I know who can make that shade of Chinese Red. I had the pleasure of spending some time with him at his studio in Seagrove, NC; he was kind enough to show me how to make the shape of these larger vases I loved, which meant I had to place my hands over his & his fingers to feel what he was doing with the clay b/c I've lost almost all my vision. I'd give anything for a studio in my yard, a kiln, & a pugmill but all the money I had saved to make it happen had to be used to survive while waiting (still waiting) on DH's disability claim after he suffered massive heart attacks that req'd quadruple heart bypass that left him on a heart-lung bypass machine for a month or so b4 his body could do the work; it's complicated by his diabetes. We're living hand to mouth right now w/only my SSDI from blindness to support the two of us and our 14yo child who is still in the home. Our oldest is married w/2 step-sons & working 2-3 jobs as is her husband while helping his ex- and her husband care for the boys. I'm so proud they all work together for the benefit of the boys. It's so uplifting to hear of ex's and new wives/new husbands all working for the common goal and priority - the kids from a former marriage. I'm actually proud of all four of them (that's including the ex-wife & her husband too)

    I'd love to make these but I don't know if I have enough residual remaining vision to do it or if I can do it tactilely esp given the loss of sensation in my hands from nerve damage due to Lupus (SLE), Sjogren's, & Fibro. I adore my eggs & want to collect as many unique ones, esp elegant ones like this one as I can. I'd love a curio cabinet w/shelves & glass to house them but I just don't know if I can do it. Pottery is much more forgiving but without a kiln, pugger, or a studio building (I have my tools, electric wheel - my 1st wheel was a manual one so it took time to learn to use an electric) I feel as if I have lost my dream & the health issues makes it even worse.

    Wow, this is amazing. I'm looking for inspirations for a birthday gift for my sister who LOVES Faberge eggs, but can't afford any, so I'm planning to make her one.

    Yours is so amazing, I love the details, and everything about it, don't think there is anything I don't like with this, looks professional. I only have a few questions, if you don't mind sharing.
    1: what kind of glue do you use?
    2: how do you attach the fabric on the inside?
    3: how can you cut the egg so perfect?

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    Please e-mail me @ harizard@localnet.com for any more questions. I will be more than happy to help you with this great b-day gift. 1. I use Aleene's tacky glue 2. What type of egg will you be using? 3. I use a high speed drill.

    I like yours far better than the Faberge.

    Very well done.

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    Thank you so much for your kind words.

    Congratulations, your egg is incredible! I noticed that the findings were almost identical, and that the cabochon work was so well done. Where did you get your opals? I have never made anything with eggs, but all of the beautiful work here is inspiring. As if I need yet another hobby. Anyway, congratulations on creating an heirloom for the grandchildren to fight over. :-)

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    Thank you so much, I just received the egg back from Forbes today. The opals were purchased at Enchanted Treasures. The do not have any more in that color. (more pink in color) So I don't think I will be doing another until I find more. Once again, thank you for you kind words.

    COLD!!!! I hate winter. I learned to drive in Alabama. It snows, they just close down the state. Works for me.

    Congratulations!!! What can I say? It's breathtaking. It was my favorite from the start. Great job.

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    Thank you rookie1 for all your kind words, How is the weather in Wisconsin?

    Thank you so much!

    Your welcome. (Rated 5 stars)


    Congratulations! This is a very elegant egg! You do wonderful work. I love the relief carvings, they are quite beautiful. The size of them must make it very long to work on.