Agitators are those shakers in labs ( chemistry/biology)  that prevent sedimentation . They can be highly useful in your 'own' personal lab as well.I made one from easily available parts and that provide considerable control of agitation in order to be used with liquids of varying viscosity and various containers.

This is a hacked out CDROM from an old computer i had lying around. 

Before i reached to this approach i made( well in 3D )  something like a 1 axis CNC for agitation which was a complete overkill.
Here are some Pics of the Sketchup model that i planned to build..

The possible uses of this project are:
1. Etching a board without getting your hands dirty and spending time fruitfully
2. Testing the solvent and solute properties
3.Cooling some hot milk/coffee
4.Dissolving some sugar in a lemonade.

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So, lets get started .
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Step 1: Supplies

You will need the following:
1. Old CD ROM with a working tray motor. (Free)
2.Perfboard/Copper Cald board (Cheap)
3.MSP430 Valueline launchpad (for the electronics) (Borrow or Buy)
4.L293D H bridge Driver (Free-Sample from TI)
5.LP2950- Low dropout voltage regulator 3.3V( Free-Sample from TI)
6.7805 (Free/Lying around)
7.0.1uF Decoupling caps 
8.10K ressistors
10.100OHM resistors -Current limiting
11.Tactile Switch
12.Wood Pieces
13.Some screws
14. Wires
15.DC Jack 
16. Old Mouse

Tools Needed:
2.Soldering Iron
3.Screw Driver
4. Dedication to build this project! :D

Now lets start start building it up!

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