Step 6: Using

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The best method to open it is to have the part of the shim that will go inside the lock on the outside of the bar. Push it down into the padlock, and then twist to unlock it. It can be very hard to master, dont give up. It will probably take a few minutes to get it to work. These are only good for a few uses, because they begin to crumple up and will no longer fit in the lock. A good practice technique is to use an open lock, look inside at the part you are trying to force open, and try moving it while the lock is open to see what you need to do when it is closed.
mikeltv13 years ago
I just made this, and I am going to go to school and try this out on my gym lock.
If your lock is of the kind with the keyhole in the back and you're really smart, just make a key. This requires a sacrificial lock from the same school. Then at the end of the year when the seniors don't need their locks anymore and lock them to stuff around the school you have a supply of free locks. I won't tell you how to do it though because if you're not smart enough to figure it out on your own then you're probably stupid enough to use it to break in and steal stuff.
Although, there is an instructable on the way to do it!
bizz6 years ago
THANKYOU! i have been trying to get into my desk for 3 months. took me 10 mins. You are my hero for sharing.
lol dont feel bad its happend to me a few times
nice lock opener i could sel them at skul and make a profit cuz we uze thos pad locks lol
Tetranitrate (author)  reborn-pyromainia8 years ago
... and then someone who is just a bit more clever then you can buy one, use it to break into your locker, and steal all your profit without any of the work.
LOL! u been 2 my skul? no and i use my own lock :P sooooo that means... they cant get in OMFG! and who said i would keep them in me locker neways? tehehehe
z0mbi3 man7 years ago
does this really wrk?
safdar7 years ago
cool idea!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
huckuba8 years ago
Hey! I think I got the whole general Idea. You are trying to design a piece of thin metal that slips down between the hasp, and the actual pin that holds the lock? Cool! What about key lock padlocks? Does this method work with them also?
no, it dosen't, I broke mine on a friends. she can't get it open now. it doesn't even work on airline locks.
unless the angled side of the pin is on the bottom, it will work, like a credit card on a door, but for Padlocks!
evil_child7 years ago
it is easier to use a oval shape, altough it messes up ur thumb , OWWW!
wow, this is like one of the clearest instructables, ive seen on the entire sight... i like it
nice addition to my non-destructive entry tools kit =)
awsed558 years ago
of course it is if it wasnt why would he be showing this to us??

moron - =P
hunter8 years ago
is the lock locked allready