A card CD case for home or industrial production. By Zero-waste Design.
Creative Commons ShareAlike-Atrribution license 2.5 applies.

A template is provided to aid construction and artwork design.

Step 1: Cut, Score and Fold the Template

Once you've added your own artwork, print onto A3 card, preferably 280 gsm. Here I just printed the template onto paper to demonstrate construction. Score all folds carefully with a blunt instrument. A double scored line for folds that will have to go back 180 degrees on themselves is recommended.
You can open a pdf file in The Gimp too. Great project here. I plan on using these to cut my costs down on a limited mailing project for some promotional CD's and this case will offer a brochure / CD Promo Case All in One. Thanks IGTB
what is this???? I see a cardboard box with a CD in it, does it hold CD's, give them covers??? this is interesting, but i need to know what it does...
i really think the Pictures Shown do not do Justice. It's basically a Cardboard CD Case; but when you slide the CD out, it morphs into an unusual 3-dimensional CD CASE which you can peruse for Track Listings , Credits, etc just like you would read any other CD case...ecept this one is cooler and definitely different. And when you're trying to get a Radio Station or the Like to notice your CD, this HELPS!! Hope I didn't sound over-simplistic, but I myself wasn't exactly sure what id did at first, either.
<em>Congrats!</em> This Instructable was featured on <a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.grinn.net/blog/dev/2008/03/how-to-make-your-own-cddvd-cases.html">grinn.net</a> as one of our favorite Instructables on making your own CD sleeves.<br/>
i am not trying to be mean but what the heck is that???
Its a design for a CD case/cover (i never know which word to use)<br/>Step 6 shows some photos of it being used.<br/><br/>Specifically, the cover shown was for a limited edition mix I did.<br/><br/>There are more (perhaps more descriptive) pictures at:<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.flickr.com/photos/royshearer/tags/cdcase/">http://www.flickr.com/photos/royshearer/tags/cdcase/</a><br/>
ooooh, okay, i haven't been online in a while, but okay.
You can edit pdf in fedora core (linux). Interesting Instructable. THE BOX SAID "VISTA OR BETTER" SO I INSTALLED LINUX!!!
Great Stuff!
foxit reader is freeware that allows basic pdf editing
Is Nice, but i have a question, how can i print this in real size (with a normal printer)?
Nice <sup>_</sup><br/><br/>My only doubt is taht being it a pdf you cannot work on it to put some art, like a drwing or a foto, let aside text<br/><br/>wouldn't you happen to have taht in another format?<br/>
Why not print screen and use paint or PS or whatever you like?
If you used Ubuntu Linux, then you could easily open it up for editing. Maybe I can convert it to .doc format for you... Hold on I have to go to my other computer.
Oops sorry. Turns out you can only MAKE .pdfs you can't edit them.
If you have adobe photoshop, you can open a pdf file up and then add your own images. just a thought
Yeah that pdf is really just a guide. I recommend you just trace the outlines to a new file and then add your artwork.
Yeah, I think its that renowned Glasgow afternoon light!
My Kreyszig is much darker than yours or is this a side-effect of your lighting (seventh edition here too, it's right in front of my in my bookshelf)
Nice!<br/>It's very similar to the Century Pack.<br/><a rel="nofollow" href="http://www.sarbide.com/spain/plantillas.asp?cod=1#">http://www.sarbide.com/spain/plantillas.asp?cod=1#</a><br/><br/>(Suggestion) you can make a smaller template for mini CDs, that could fit in a A4<br/>

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