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Introduction: Open Cocktail

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The Open Cocktail is is a cocktail designed by Stefan Hinz ( ), specially for the Book Launch of Open Design Now ( ) at DMY 2011, June 2nd. Enjoy!

Ingredients needed:
- A lemon
- Gin
- Elderflower syrup
- Crushed ice
- Soda

Here's how you make it:

Step 1: 
Slice the lemon in half

Step 2: 
Pour the juice of one half in the shaker (+/- 2,5cl)

Step 3: 
Pour 5,5 cl Gin in the Shaker

Step 4:
Ad 1,5 cl Elderflower syrup

Step 5: 
Fill the shaker with crushed ice and close it

Step 6:

Step 7: 
Take a strainer and pour the liquid in a cold longdrink glass

Step 8: 
Fill the longdrink glass with crushed ice

Step 9: 
Top with a little soda

Step 10: 
Place a lemon wedge and a straw




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    This really looks like a refreshing nice drink on a hot day in Berlin after having talked all day on Open Design and stuff. Don't be surprised it you will suddenly speak German after a couple of these cocktails!