This hoodie has an open heart kit on the chest that is removable using magnetic snaps. The kit is driven by a lilypad arduino and battery pack attached to the inside of the hoodie.  It runs various patterns through the LEDs when the zipper connects the exposed conductive threads.

I was inspired by these instructables:
Open Heart LilyPad Brooch
TV-B-Gone Hoodie

The open heart kit was created by Jimmie Rodgers.

Step 1: Materials & Tools

1 open heart kit
1 LilyPad Arduino
1 LilyPad power supply
1 hoodie with a nylon zipper and a metal pull. sleeves are optional.
1 spool of conductive thread
1 spool of regular thread
1 bottle of puffy paint
6 magnetic snaps
1 AAA battery
8 wires with alligator clips
some extra fabric

soldering iron, solder, etc.
sewing machine or needle
needle nose pliers
dremel drill, hacksaw, or metal file
fabric marker or pencil

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