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I bought one sheet of CDX plywood 4*8 1/2 1/2 thick (4ply) cut to the following
2 --50*14
1-- 28*14
1 --14*12
1 --50*28 1/2
1 --3*28 1/4
1 --17 1/4* 28 1/2

small tension rod
circular saw
hand full of 1/2 screws
wood chisel

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Step 1: Prepare the sides

Picture of Prepare the sides
Once all the wood is cut get your side pieces, shelf and divider piece
You'll need to cut some notches for the shelf and the divider

1 Mark the sides where you'll be making the notch for the shelf i measured 12 inches from the bottom for the first line. since my wood  was a half inch thick i measured up a half inch from that line.
 ( to double check i stood my shelf up between the lines to make sure it was a good fit) 
2 adjust you saw to cut a depth of 1/4 in
3 make 3 or 4 passes with the saw (one pass on each line and a few in between)
4 take a chisel to it and get rid of the middle (making a notch) 
5 repeat 1-4 for the other side