Introduction: Attachable Dry Toilet - Prototype 3 (Banheiro Seco Acoplável - Protótipo 3)

Picture of Attachable Dry Toilet - Prototype 3 (Banheiro Seco Acoplável - Protótipo 3)

History: This prototype was developed by me in the context of a social business project, named S+ (Sustainable Sanitation), incubated at the Yunus Social Business Brasil (1st cycle). Also participated in the project Thais Cosa, Cecília Rodrigues, and Ilana Goldsmid.

Warning: You are required to have knowledge on composting techniques before trying to build/use this toilet.

Features: UDDT (Urine-Diverting Dry Toilet); this project uses Separett® Rescue (but actually it could use any similar piece from another third party); reuses space of existing regular toilet; urine is not collected; external hand urinol for men (optional);

Pros: reuses space of existing toilet, no need for extra space; no need to collect urine; easier to maintain and operate; saves water (no flush needed).

Cons: urine is not collected (although the tube can always be redirected to an external container anyway)

Note 1: It is not necessary to remove the original toilet cover, the structure has been resized to avoid that (see last picture).

Note 2: the "external hand urinol" is actually a simple 500ml plastic container which can be used to collect urine, which afterwards is thrown in the UDDT, followed by some water to clean it up.

Note 3: It is optional to cover the bucket with a biodegradable plastic bag.

Note 4: The piece of rubber balloon is used only to help keeping the pieces tightly connected.

Note 5: Instead of using recycled plastic (6mm thick), the structure can be made of plywood (1cm thick) .

Step 1: Urine Tube

Picture of Urine Tube

Step 2: Scructure and Bucket

Picture of Scructure and Bucket

Step 3: UDDT Separator and Urinol

Picture of UDDT Separator and Urinol

Step 4: Feet Platform

Picture of Feet Platform

Step 5: Front Door and Adjusted Size

Picture of Front Door and Adjusted Size

There has been an adjustment in the length of the structure to avoid the removal of the existing toilet cover.


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