Step 7: Bender

It is important to make the bending clear, and precise, nothing simpler than the method of the slot between two rulers, here's a Meccano version:
There should just be one program like pepakura to do this in!!! How hard would it be too make this process be pulled into on program?
There's this, on Google Sketchup: <br>http://www.nicepapertoys.com/profiles/blog/show?id=1905839%3ABlogPost%3A9972
Glad you've liked it, since I'm a fan of your Paperctaft Site. <br>If this Instructable can be of help to people, pleas include it on your page! :D <br>You know, tin foil toys made out of such Projects as tour great Mechanical Demos, could be lotsa fun...
Very interesting! Thanks

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