A WikiSeat is a three legged stool that is built by hand. Each WikiSeat starts with a Catalyst that acts as a central support structure. The creator of a WikiSeat has the freedom to gather materials and find their own methods for building the seat. WikiSeat creators can share what they have made and become inspired by others at www.wikiseat.org.

This jig lets us make more Catalysts faster! This is necessary because as of November of 2012 there are over 5,000 people who need Catalysts for building WikiSeats, and, well, the first jig took too long to set up. This newer, faster, more awesome jig can only be made using a finished Catalyst though. This finished Catalyst serves as the catalyst for building a jig to build more Catalysts. It is sort of viral like that, like a meme made out of metal. You can make a Catalyst by following this Instructable, or you can acquire one through www.wikiseat.org/store.

Step 1: Tools and Materials

You will probably need this stuff:

+One completed Catalyst. 
+MIG welder
+Something to cut steel: chop saw, band saw, hack saw
+Something to file/grind steel: metal file, grinding wheel
+Drill Press
+Giant red arrow magnet... it's a basic welding tool and is important for this project. 

Jig Materials
+ 12" section of 3/4" angle iron
+ 4" section of 2" x 3" angle iron (or any scrap with a surface area of about 3x4)
+ Some wood for the drilling jig.

Catalyst Materials
+Angle Iron 1"x1", 15" length per catalyst
i'm a bit confused. <br>are these supposed to be the legs for a stool (if so those are awfully short stools), or is just a bracket that legs, and eventually a seat top will be attached to. <br>
Lorddrake,<br> <br> Your second guess is right. Sorry, I could have explained that better. The idea is that you start with a bracket to help hold the seat together. Then you can use any materials for the legs and the seat. WikiSeat works particularly well as a educational project because each student has the same rigid constraint (the Catalyst) but they have complete freedom to explore how they will make their seat.&nbsp;<br> <br> This video highlights how this projet works in the classroom. We're also running an <a href="http://www.indiegogo.com/wikiseat" rel="nofollow">Indiegogo fundraiser</a>&nbsp;to get Catalysts to over 100 classrooms and 5,000 students who have signed up to participate. If you can, please spread the word and help out :)<br> <br> <div> <iframe frameborder="0" height="315" src="http://www.youtube.com/embed/s2vNGyB_2Pc" width="420"></iframe></div>

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