A great 9 part series for coders with little to no experience in using APIs using jQuery. By the end of the series you will:

  • Understand how to call an API using getJSON()
  • How to retrieve a user's geo-location
  • How to call the Open Weather API while using the user's geo-location
  • Basic CSS and HTML

Step 1: Show the Local Weather Project Part 1 : FreeCodeCamp.com

In this first video we go over several basic concepts:

  • What data can we get by using the Open Weather API?
  • What is and how to use an API key?
  • How to make an API call using jQuery?
  • How the getJSON() function works?

Step 2: Show the Local Weather Project Part 2: FreeCodeCamp.com

In this 2nd video we will be going over:

  • How to get the user's geo-location(longitude and latitude)?

Step 3: Show the Local Weather Project Part 3: FreeCodeCamp.com

In this 3rd video we will show:

  • How to concatenate a string?
  • How to get the weather information from a user's geo-location?

Step 4: Show the Local Weather Project Part 4: FreeCodeCamp.com

In the 4th video we will:

  • Retrieve the local weather temperature in Kelvin.
  • Convert Kelvin temperature to Fahrenheit.
  • Convert Kelvin temperature to Celsius.

Step 5: Show the Local Weather Project Part 5: FreeCodeCamp.com

In this 5th video we will:

  • Be targeting html with jQuery to change the values with our API data.
  • Display the city of user from the Open Weather API.
  • Display the weather type of the user from the Open Weather API.
  • Display the temperature using Open Weather API.
  • Display the wind speed using Open Weather API.

Step 6: Show the Local Weather Project Part 6: FreeCodeCamp.com

In this 6th video we will learn:

  • How to use jQuery function click()?
  • How to toggle between Fahrenheit and Celsius?

Step 7: Show the Local Weather Project Part 7: FreeCodeCamp.com

In this section we will:

  • Use BootStrap to center text. unstyle lists, appear to be buttons, etc.
  • Add a background image via CSS and start organizing our application.

Step 8: Show the Local Weather Project Part 8: FreeCodeCamp.com

In part 8 we will:

  • Truncate our temperature variables using toFixed().
  • Display Celsius and Fahrenheit degree using their HTML entity.

Step 9: Show the Local Weather Project Part 9: FreeCodeCamp.com

In part 9 we will:

  • Format the wind speed and change into MPH.
  • Logic to switch between backgrounds based on what the local temperature is.

Step 10:

<p>I've actually already completed this before, but it's really nice watching some go through the steps so seamless (I struggled). Great video.</p>
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