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I seen a picture online of open when letters, which are letters you customise and make for your loved one. An example being "open when.. You're having a bad day". I could not find any good source to help me in making these letters for a birthday gift for my boyfriend (which he absolutely loved by the way) so thought I would take step by step pictures and show you how to do them! Enjoy!:)
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Step 1: Gather Your Equipment

Picture of Gather Your Equipment
First step is to get together all the equipment you're going to need, which are as follows:
• A pair of scissors
• White paper
• Coloured card
• A stick of glue
• A pen
• Confetti
• Surprises to put in the letters

Step 2: Print Designs On The Card

Picture of Print Designs On The Card
The next step is to print off different designs on all the different coloured card. These are going to be your envelopes. Of course you can just but regular envelopes but where would the fun be in that?:) plus the colours and different designs look way nicer than a plain old white envelope!

Step 3: Draw Out The Shape Of An Envelope

Picture of Draw Out The Shape Of An Envelope
Next you have to take an envelope (I used a 5x7 so it would fit on an A4 page) and trace all around it so that it makes a template for your envelope.

Step 4: Cut It Out

Picture of Cut It Out
Exactly what it say! Cut out your template and you should have something like what's in the picture.

Step 5: Fold In All The Sides

Picture of Fold In All The Sides
Fold in the sides the same way the envelope you started with was folded.

Step 6: Glue

Picture of Glue
Put some glue along each side of the bottom flap, which is the one with the straight top. (Make sure you only glue the sides! If you glue the top it will stick to the inside of the envelope.)

Step 7: Fold

Picture of Fold
Fold in the two side flaps and fold the bottom flap (the one you just glued) onto them and press. This should now look like an open envelope.
Tin Heart6 months ago

I've been attempting this project for when my SO finally goes on that once-in-a-lifetime trip. But I'm stuck on the part where you print a pattern onto the paper. I've been google searching for things like "Printable Pattern" "Pattern for paper" "Printable wrapping paper" "star pattern" "Stripe Pattern" ect and I can't seem to find anything close to the wide spaced patterns you have on your envelopes!

Do you mind if I ask where you got the patterns?

SparkySolar9 months ago

I love this instructable thank you so much

jennace1 year ago
Simply lovely!! This makes me smile, and I aint even gonna get any of these! I am gonna make some tho because my family does deserve!! Thanks for the instructible.

These are lovely. Thank you.

kelly226xo1 year ago
What's some ideas to put inside?

Fun idea, I like the homemade envelopes! :)

jmwells1 year ago
I did something similar when my oldest got married. She says she still has two left. Things like Starbucks cards(she's an addict), spa gift certificates, hug coupons, phone card, and babysitting coupons.
shackarowan (author) 1 year ago
I put the letter (obviously) some confetti, some quotes I found online and some naughty stuff!;) you could put whatever you want in them like sweets or puzzles, anything really!
kandrews81 year ago
What did you put in them ???