Open a C-Clamp SUPERFAST


Introduction: Open a C-Clamp SUPERFAST

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This is a simple 1-step trick that will make any c-clamp adjustment much faster.

Hold the C-Clamp upside down, by the torque pin on the end of the threaded rod, and spin until approximate gap is reached.




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    How is it dangerous? I agree that it is a bit ridiculous for this to be an instructable, but how is it dangerous?

    Hi all, it works good if your C-clamp is in good shape. However, if there's a bit-o-rust on it or if the clamp has ever been in a real bind before, it doesn't freely rotate that easily. Or, maybe I should just go buy some new ones, heh?

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    Or blast it with PB Blaster and a bit of steel wool.

    Okay, I've occasionally had to use c-clamps over the past 4 decades (working on my own and instructed by Popular Mechanics mags and such, raised by a single mother)and never thought of this on my own or been in an environment where I saw someone else do it. I learned something that will be useful in the future. E.G. I've been instructed. So it's an Instructable. L.V. is NOT the instructable cop, just another (however talented) member entitled to his own (however dogmatic) opinion. This is such a simple tip that there's no need to go through more of an intro than stasterisk provided. I'm reminded of the bureaucratic mentality of some '70's patant office functionary who, reviewing and application for swinging handles for a wheel barrow, granted a patent for the entire concept of the wheel barrow, since no one else had patented it! (Later overturned) Don't let adhearance to personally defined rules prevent you from recognizing elegant (and simple) distribution of ideas.

    I can't believe this was accepted as an instructable, and mine was not. I posted one that teaches how to always get a green arrow at a left turn, and I admit it was a bit iffy. But this is just riddiculous.

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    OSHA would be so happy to see you wearing open toe shoes in your shop... Hope you've got a good grip when you're twirling that clamp open.

    If you're going to focus on a dark object, try and put it on a light background. This is pretty clear, but it would've been crystal clear if it was that yellow floor behind it and not your dark jeans.

    there's a different way to open a C clamp that this??....that's the only way i've ever done it...except for fine adjustment oviously..

    Nifty. Never thought of that before.

    It comes across as an excuse for a video. However, it's simple, quite clear (even without watching the video) and it works. It's debatable whether it's worth posting as an Instructable, I'd have dropped this into a Forum L

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    So, my goal is to spread useful information to the most people possible. I went out of my way to make a video, as it seemed to be the most clear way to make this come across. I made it one page, because I don't think I'd read past the first page, and it seemed the most clear way to communicate. Also, spreading this out over three pages seems to be content-stretching solely to meet the standard instructables format, rather than to show how to do something, simply. I never use the forums, so I don't know what's appropriate there, and I'd guess there are more than a few similarly inclined instructables members. For example, what would suffice as a non-boring introduction/description for this, which didn't completely describe the hint?

    I agree with all of these points -- it taught me something I didn't know in a very clear way. If this had been a forum post, I never would have seen it. Now if I only had some C-clamps...

    I'm borderline on this because it falls into my 'common knowledge' bracket. It's just fine, but who's learning? I agree that the video shows it best. L

    It seemed clear to me, the first time I picked up a C-clamp, too. My inspiration for posting this was noticing friends I have who like to build stuff, who were amazed to see this. This way, I hope it can be part of everybody's 'common knowledge'.

    Yeah, I'll go with that. It may be simple, but knowledge has to be passed on. Like boiling pasta (and I've met people who can't even do that...) L

    To clear some things up. This is, in fact, an instructable. The instructions are succinct and the video is extremely short and too the point (even dial-up folks should have no problem).

    Yes, it is. technicaly it is. it's a handy trick if you didn't already know it. especialy if you're a welder, or carpenter. I use this trick all the time when I'm welding.