Open a Lock With a Wrench - Life Hack





Introduction: Open a Lock With a Wrench - Life Hack

Open a lock with a wrench ? Yes ! It's possible. Did you think your padlock is safe ? I don't think so. You've lost your keys and need a solution. Try this !

WATCH HERE: Open a lock with a wrench

But BE CAREFUL ! Do NOT hurt yourself.

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Auf Deutsch: SO sicher sind die billigen Vorhängeschlösser. Man bekommt sie mit ein paar Schraubenschlüsseln in wenigen Sekunden auf. Hättet ihr das gedacht ??

Step 1: You Need

- padlock

- 2 wrenches

Step 2: How It Works

Take the lock...

...put the 2 wrenches into the "hole".... it together...

BE CAREFUL !! Do NOT hurt yourself !!

Step 3: BOOM !!

Boom. Your lock is OPEN !



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Amazing! I love it. You got my Vote.

Nice! We used to do the same thing in the military but instead of wrenches we used bayonets.

Like this method becasue it does not involve the lick being attached to anything. An alternative whenthe lock is on something (or if you cant get the spanners in hasp) is use a pipe wrench or stillson on the padlock body and apply torque - even expensive high security padlocks yield. Rotoloc type padlocks are (obvious) immune to stillson method

a handy method and a good trick but unfortunately won't work on brass padlocks.

Nicht schlecht, kommt dann eigentlich nur auf den Hebel und die eigene Stärke an. Wie da wohl ein Markenschloss reagiert?

...wie du schon sagst, je nach Hebel. Natürlich kriegste die mit so nem kleinen Maulschlüssel nicht auf, aber.....