Open a Wine Bottle With a Tree





Introduction: Open a Wine Bottle With a Tree

Remove the cork from a wine bottle by pounding it on a tree.
Jesse Hensel demonstrates how.

He claims this method works well in Alaska. It uses a "water-hammer" effect to knock the cork out from the inside. It also uses a "very dull axe" effect to slowly chop down the tree.

Masterful video editing: Fungusamungus
Camera: TimAnderson



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at first i thought the there was blood on the tree

As inner city trees need all the love and attention they can get, would it be possible to go back and paint the area that has the bark scraped off so the tree doesnt get infected? cheers - treehugger

I would willing to bet $100 that the tree will be just fine.

I'll take your $100, easy money like most any other living organism it has a skin that repels infection. Unlike people, tree's cant patch themselves up as quickly: A small nick in the bark will heel, something the size of that chunk will not. Go back in a year you'll see a dried out patch, 5 years you'll see a rotting hole with bugs.

And I think its a little bad karma to go whacking it with a wine bottle for your own amusement without patching up the damage. Trees bring life in to an otherwise grey dull environment, they support micro-ecosystem of birds and bugs.

Would you be ok with an oil spill in Alaska? absolutely not. Would you kick a dog? no, would you... pull the legs off a spider for your own amusement? probably not. So where's the cut off point for damaging a tree?

For the record, I've cut down about 6 fully grown trees in the last month, chopped for firewood and given thanks that I'll be using less oil than I need to this winter. Dont mean to be all high and mighty, each to their own, just have issues with human's wanten disregard for other living organisms to further our own amusement.

There are plenty of other trees in the world, I just chopped one down recently in my back yard!

I bet you would freak out when you finnally realize that global warming is a myth.

Yeah, like that's going to happen. Everyone but you was wrong.

sure it leaves is more suseptible to disease but i dont think its any thing to freak out about, It can still and probably will heal its selfunless you completly girdle a tree most of the time they will grow back the bark and continue to live.

I agree that it's stupid to tear up trees for no reason other than drunken idiocy, but that gash is only a few inches wide. I did that level of damage to trees when I was a little kid and didn't know any better, and they're still standing in my parents' yard. I'm fairly sure it'll be okay.

Well, the wine will work as an antiseptic >.>