video Open a beer bottle with just a spoon!
A very simple instructable on how to open a beer bottle (or any non-screwed bottle top) with a normal spoon. It's been entered into the forbes contest, but the video is only about 10 seconds long! So learn quick...

Don't forget, if over 18 (UK legal age, maybe 21 or higher where you are - or lower!) drink real ale and drink responsibly!

This is a very useful skill if you're camping and forgot the beer bottle opener. You may note I'm actually wearing a ring, which is infact a beer bottle opener anyway, so I was just showing off. My friend videoing me didn't quite follow the beer bottle down, but the basic principle is to push with your thumb under the spoon whilst the spoon is under the edge of the beer bottle cap!

You will need

a) beer
b) spoon

I have a very boring voice, sorry.

Now relax and enjoy a good bottle of real ale beer! fin!
you can also place the edge of the bottle cap on the edge of a table or counter and slam down on the top of the cap with the palm of your hand, it kind of shakes your beer up but it looks cool! :)
Kaiven5 years ago
My uncle did it slightly differently. He would wham his hand on the spoon, making the bottle go "Whooomp!" and the cap would bounce around the room xD
is that a hilburg tent i see?
I've always done much the same with the bottom of my lighter. I always have a lighter, but not always a spoon :)
darkairieal6 years ago
thats kool never would have thought of that lol
thong9236 years ago
That's cool man.. Any piece of metal is right, a lighter is always handy too.. You should try it with another bottlecap, that's alway a cool trick when drinking with a friend.. :)
I love the popping sound bottles make.
Jayefuu6 years ago
Is that London Pride you're drinking?
tim_n (author)  Jayefuu6 years ago
certainly is!
frollard6 years ago
Neat trick - I use any piece of metal available...but definitely a life skill.
Yup! Invaluable skill. You get lots of ooohs and ahhhs too.