Open a bottle of wine with a piece of string.

Picture of Open a bottle of wine with a piece of string.
Learn how to open a bottle of wine with a piece of string, remove the cork in one piece. The is an awesome party trick that I have heard has cost people up to $200 to learn "I bet you I can open this wine with this piece of string"...."how much?" ...."$200"...

It's also useful on picnics on boats.

Most likely you'll use this instructable to drink other people's wine for free.

"If i open your bottle with this piece of string, can I have a cup?"
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Step 1: Remove the cork cover...

Picture of remove the cork cover...
openwinestring - 03.jpg
tear off that pesky cork covering thing.

Step 2: Push the cork into the bottle

Picture of push the cork into the bottle
openwinestring - 08.jpg
openwinestring - 09.jpg
youve probably done this bit before in that desperate attempt to open you vino on a camping trip.

using a pen or a bolt works fine (just push it in slowly to prevent wine spilling out)

I've seen the hardest core of people do this with ninja finger tricks. If you support your pinky with your other hand you can push it in with your pinky. This might hurt a little, but you'll feel real bad-ass...

Step 3: Tie a stopper knot in your piece of string.

Picture of tie a stopper knot in your piece of string.
openwinestring - 11.jpg
openwinestring - 12.jpg
openwinestring - 13.jpg
openwinestring - 14.jpg
A fairly stiff piece of string works best, but any piece will do in a pinch. if it's floppy you will require more patience in the next step.

The best stopper knot generally is the figure 8 knot. Look at this sequence of images to learn to tie it. You can use this knot everywhere. It is easier to untie later than an ordinary overhand stopper knot... Re-use your string.

Step 4: Slide the knot end of string down the side of the cork...

Picture of Slide the knot end of string down the side of the cork...
openwinestring - 18.jpg
openwinestring - 26.jpg
This is the tricky bit. Push the string down the inside of the bottle until the stopper knot falls below the bottom of the cork. You may need to use a pen or finger to push the string. This is why a stiffer string is better. it sometimes helps to tip the bottle one way or the other...

Step 5: Carefully pull the string and cork into the launch position...

Picture of Carefully pull the string and cork into the launch position...
Carefully pull the string and cork up until the cork is engaged in the mouth of the bottle and the stopper knot sits below the bottom of the cork...

Step 6: Pull the cork out!

Picture of Pull the cork out!
openwinestring - 24.jpg
openwinestring - 25.jpg
openwinestring - 27.jpg

Step 7: Boast, toast, drink and enjoy...

You now have bad ass party trick boasting rights. Drink responsibly.
FrozenIce3 years ago
haha soo badass!
PMOWERS , that was a good idea with the cable tie!...I think I'm gonna try that first before i try the string.
girrrrrrr28 years ago
now someone should post how to put it back in!!!think of how evil that would be...you could put in soda or some other liquid!!!*turns around and walks away*yes that would be cool and funny...think of what could happen...ZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzZzz...
you fell asleep just thinking about it!
Nerden6 years ago
I have never seen a bottle of wine where you can push the cork straight in , last time I tried the bottle shattered, it was not fun.
mwarren_us6 years ago
To help when pulling the string up, try tying the other end of the string around the pen (or other object you used to push the cork in) and then use that as a handle.
pmowers7 years ago
This idea also works great for the times that your opener pushes the cork into the bottle. I removed it using the lock end of a nylon cable tie! Thanks for saving the day (well, evening, actually).
w00ty327 years ago
Jarvinho8 years ago
This is the same doomesday, afer which there will only be cockroaches and duct tape?
somerwaters8 years ago
that's so rad, my children wil teach it to their children's children for the time when there are no more corkscrews in the world, after doomsday...