Step 6: Here's some videos...

<p>tank you ...mr majid iran</p>
<p>the videos dont work</p>
Maybe you should try again &amp; not give up so easily. Unless you've gone thru an entire box of paper clips already. Just Sayin. Have a blessed day.
<p>sorry but it was kind of hard to understand</p><p>(nothing mean) i was really hoping the videos would help but they dont work on my device</p><p>thanks anyways</p>ill eventually make it !
<p>Haven't tried this yet but I know this works. This is a very efficient way to make a lock picker. Nice job!</p>
Awesome deffinately works. I once picked my door lock with a bump key cause i foregot my house key on my other key ring.
<p>your great ideas</p>
This question isn't related to picking locks, but how do you, like, tag your pictures?
bros and bras i found out how on my own and not by an instructable and i found out when i was 3 yrs. old
<p>Bros, I picked the lock out of my mother's womb. Been pick-lockin' since day one, boyyyyys. BOOOOOOOOOOOYS! booooooooys.</p>
Been picking locks since I was about 5. This is nothing new to me. I usually use paper clips, metal hangers, and pieces of metal.
This is my first time picking locks and I did it twice already
<p>this is crazy</p>
I cant open it :'(
hopefully I will be able to open my safe
<p>cool hahahah </p>
<p>You are brilliant! Thank you! Made it on the first attempt. YEAH!</p>
<p>Baloney,</p><p>It is very unclear what he [presumably] says. </p><p>You push the pin up or left or right ? You turn it at an angled position or from straight position ? </p>
<p>Got this to work on my second try using my first paperclip. The tension wrench must be as close to the bottom of the lock as you can get it, with medium-high pressure (as much as you can use to not bend the paperclip). After that it is trial and error to get the pins up (I found more pressure = better).</p><p>Thank you so much, I just saved my coworker $10 on buying a new lock</p>
&quot;just make it work, if you don't, you may have to saw your leg off.&quot;<br>Or you could saw the lock off.
it was humorous...i dont actually think he seriously suggested that <br>
I picked the all the doors and windows in the classrooms starting third grade
<p>... But window locks don't need picking...</p>
<p>i picked the doors of the classrooms at lunch lol</p><p>evil B)</p>
Does anyone know what locks were used in the vids?
Guess what, I broke into the Teacher's personal cabinet under her desk in about 17 seconds using only a paperclip....Im a naural lock-picker :) <br> <br>So evil. -_-
i can now pick a padlock i have using raking and a poor excuse for a w rake made of a paperclip
i cant do this :(, anyone got any tips on learning how to pick a lock
Guys - This is not how to learn. Google lockpicking, make or buy some real picks and tension tools and practice. This is OK for those of us that know how, but for newbies it is way too hard.
Good work, man! Excellent instructable! Nice little trick to know, dirty and simple. Keep up the good work!
I think you mean 'Sweet&quot; because &quot;sweat&quot; is the salty water that your body emits in aid to cool you down when you are starting to dehydrate.
Last I checked, sweating is like the act dehydrating, it doesn't prevent dehydration. It does, however, help keep you cool, as you said.
nerds <br>
BIGGEST GHOST.... got caught trying to brake into school..... NOWW I'AM SUSPENDED!!!!! Waaaaaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!!
Why would you try to break into school in the first place?<br>

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