Step 6: Here's some videos...

nkonidare2 years ago
bros and bras i found out how on my own and not by an instructable and i found out when i was 3 yrs. old
reesarcher7 years ago
I think you mean 'Sweet" because "sweat" is the salty water that your body emits in aid to cool you down when you are starting to dehydrate.
Last I checked, sweating is like the act dehydrating, it doesn't prevent dehydration. It does, however, help keep you cool, as you said.
puzka4 years ago
Ha ha. Found one of those small padlocks like #3 in my desk drawer. Had it open in about 30 seconds.
That's pretty slick. And yes, you could just clip the bolt, but picking locks the hard way kind of makes you feel like a badass (and doesn't permanently damage the lock).
Alright, first report. It's been an hour and a half, and I've given it over a dozen tries. Lock still remains locked. Admittedly this is my first time picking a lock and the tools aren't the greatest, but it's still disheartening. Any advice?
wow, awesome
pennachi15 years ago
I am in high school and in the summer  work in the school as a janitor. We found that the best way to open locks that we don't have the key for is bolt cutters. Nice video.
yankeee75 years ago
heat7005 years ago
dude i have that exact lock(#3) omg i tried to pick it with a safty pin
kraig6 years ago
cool man thanks
Starshock016 years ago
the little padlock can be opened really easily with a little swiss pocket knife
theRIAA (author)  Starshock016 years ago
it's not a TSA lock or whatever... so.. how?
alchemy4207 years ago
thanks for posting this, it was my second attempt at picking locks and your method worked!