Step 7: Comment!

picking locks is not easy to do, and using just a paper clip to open a padlock can be extremely frustrating. but DON'T GIVE UP, it took me almost 20 paper clips to make this instructable, and Iv'e been doing this for a long time! post and questions, comments, suggestions, or tips.

bhunter7367 years ago
Wow. I am impressed. I am a professional locksmith and know that there is a little bit of luck involved with picking. You opened all three of the padlocks with a beginners technique in an extremely short time. This also shows that it is worth the extra money for a real padlock when it comes to valuables, not a hardware store variety or gimmick like the club lock. A Schlage padlock with Primus cylinder would be a lot better and to really be pick resistant, a MEDECO. Heck, even an Altmont would be a little better than these hardware store varieties. I am going to try your paperclip tools on Tuesday when I go back to work. PS - for everyone reading this, keep in mind that a lock is a legal barrier and you are supposed to have permission to open it. Permission usually comes in the form of a key. In this case, make sure you practice on your own locks. Also note that in some places, California for one, you have to be licensed to carry a tool like this and can get into a lot of trouble for having these outside of your own property.
i didn't know it was illegal to own paperclips in california? LOL just kidding! i know what you mean bhunter736. you're taking about lock picking tools. i am learning how to pick locks for certain situations. like those "OH-OH SECONDS" when you have already locked and micro-inches closing in the door then you realized that you left your key inside OR you are wind blew the door shut and have those locks that needs a key -dunno what you call them-. i'm learning for those kinds of situations. so that i won't bother anybody -like my mom- to open the door for me. thanks for the instructables theRIAA!
SABAKA477 years ago
I don't get it bhunter736 can you help me