Open Chair by James Tooze


Introduction: Open Chair by James Tooze

Pdf / Printable instructions are available: here

These are plans to make a relatively simple chair. It is cheap or nearly free to produce and only requires tools that are often owned by homeowners and hobbyists. It can be altered in many directions: structurally, formally and materially.

The chair is specifically designed to utilize small pieces of plywood / wood waste generated by joinery and cabinet-making workshops. This material would normally be too small to be worth keeping so would end up in landfill or at best a wood burner. It is my hope that people wanting to make the chair or variations on it would engage with these businesses to find a home for this material. Of course this is not exclusive, material from building renovation and recycled furniture can be used too…

This chair design is a starting point, a simple straightforward method to make durable, affordable furniture which hopefully will be adapted / appropriated into many varied incarnations.

I hope you find this useful - James Tooze



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    O projeto da cadeira e a postila em pdf são simples e objetivos.
    Agradeço. Best regards

    Claudia BR

    Thank you so much, I'm two meters tall and I'm dying here sitting on tiny chairs all day!

    they are....just click on the link at the top of the text...they are even in a handy pdf booklet so you can view them online, download or print out...i'd say that was pretty good.

    1 reply

    I think she means here as an instructable, instead of as a link to a PDF.

    The PDF is fantastic though - that has to be one of the most dead-simple ways of making a chair I've ever seen!

    I think I may try this, though I think I will swap the screws for dowels + a lock pin. That, rounded corners, fill in the blank strips, and some nice stain and this could be a sharp looking little chair.

    would be great if you included the instructions here!