Open Runnning Hard Drive


Introduction: Open Runnning Hard Drive

Ever wondered what was going on inside a working hard drive? Ever wonder how sensitive they are?



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    Nice video, but not really a great idea to open up a good new hdd. offcourse can enjoy if having a HDD with bad sectors or the drive which may fail shortly. The debris in the air is going to damage the Heads and the Voice Coils.. But anyway a nice video.

    Sweet! my hard drive was making that same noise! Now I might know what it is! I was considering removing the cover from one and replacing it with glass

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    My hard drive is making the same noise and I want to know if there is anything I can do to recover my data?

    there is a specific way to do that (case modder secret). im working on a few case mods. if i make a hdd window, i can post an ible

    nice!!! i love how much courage you have, cause i wouldn't open mine when it is running...

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    hard drives are not completely airtight. ever notice that hole in the cover, with the sticker that says "DO NOT COVER THIS HOLE"? well that hole lets the hard drive breathe, it has a filter under the hole to keep out any dust and lets the air expand inside the drive when it heats up and safely escape. so, the drive is not filled with super clean LAB air, eventually it will have the same air thats inside your computer case due to it breathing.

    Now I wonder if i could switch the plates with other HDDS to recover old files or just to reuse it....

    ive always wanted to see what happened when u wrecked a drive in use, thanks for doin this thats awesome!!

    I cant seem to pop the cover I doing it wrong or is there a special hard drive that you used.

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    if you haven't check under the label of the hard drive there are usually 2 screws under the label. there is also sometimes some tape (silver or black) taping the cover on. may try prying in off with a small flat head screw driver to see where it's hanging. let me know if this doesn't help.

    Wow! that was cool. Keep the magnets from the old hdd after its unusable. I am told that they are very powerful, and could come in handy for some future project.

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    They're extremely powerful AND extremely rare earth magnets. They're usable in many things, perhaps even some throwies for the creative amongst us?

    I'm going to assume it was one they didn't care about. I wouldn't open a 40 gig drive, but I've got quite a few older less than 1 gig drives I can't think of what to do with besides something like this. Or maybe that wind thing.

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    Those older drives arent even worth the IDE channel they are connected, nore the electricity they waste lol...