Open Runnning Hard Drive





Introduction: Open Runnning Hard Drive

Ever wondered what was going on inside a working hard drive? Ever wonder how sensitive they are?



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    Nice video, but not really a great idea to open up a good new hdd. offcourse can enjoy if having a HDD with bad sectors or the drive which may fail shortly. The debris in the air is going to damage the Heads and the Voice Coils.. But anyway a nice video.

    I hope that was a cheap or old hard drive...

    Sweet! my hard drive was making that same noise! Now I might know what it is! I was considering removing the cover from one and replacing it with glass

    My hard drive is making the same noise and I want to know if there is anything I can do to recover my data?

    there is a specific way to do that (case modder secret). im working on a few case mods. if i make a hdd window, i can post an ible


    i seen this in a computer shop, they had installed a fan on it alo

    That would be cool...maybe i can do that next.

    nice!!! i love how much courage you have, cause i wouldn't open mine when it is running... you don't have to.