Picture of Open CD Cover II: CD case from one sheet of A4
A quick and simple way of packaging a CD in an A4 piece of paper. The design keeps the CD clean and secure and uses no glue or fasteners, just folding. By Zero-waste Design.
Creative Commons ShareAlike-Atrribution license 2.5 applies.
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Step 1: What you need

Picture of What you need
Take one CD and one sheet of A4 paper. This can be scrap paper or one printed with specific artwork (a template .pdf is provided to aid artwork production, but is not needed to construct the CD cover.)

Step 2: Line up the CD

Picture of Line up the CD
Place the CD with the printed side down at one end of the paper. Align it so that the centre of the CD is approximately halfway along the shorter edge of the paper.

Step 3: Fold 1

Picture of Fold 1
Take one of the longer edges and fold it over on top of the CD so that the corner of the paper meets up with the transparent part at the centre of the CD.

Step 4: Fold 2

Picture of Fold 2
Do the same on the opposite side.

Step 5: Fold 3

Picture of Fold 3
Take the CD the part of the paper enveloping it and fold back over so that the CD is printed side up.

Step 6: Fold 4

Picture of Fold 4
Take the end of paper that is furthest from the CD and fold over on top the CD as far as possible.

Step 7: Basically done

Picture of Basically done
The CD cover is essentially finished! You can write the name on the front flap and I like to put additional info such as track names on the inside pocket.

The CD case can double as a promotional poster when folded out again! - Download the pdf above so you can design the artwork to fit the folds properly

Read on for making the CD cover a bit more secure and closable...

Step 8: Unfold...

Picture of Unfold...
Open out the covering flap.

Step 9: Tear out tabs

Picture of Tear out tabs
Take one of the two paper corners near the centre of the back of this flap and tear or cut a slit about 30mm into the paper, just til it reaches the next fold. Repeat on the opposite side. Allow the newly made tabs to extend away from the CD cover.
katik6 months ago

Good cover!
Instead marker can be used label printer -


I've been using this to reorganize my CDs that I've burned, since I'm too cheap to buy cases.

I made a template in Publisher just a few days ago, and saved it into a few different formats. (jpeg, pdf, three publisher formats)


I love this method for keeping CDs, thanks for sharing,
and DFTBA.
Zovits5 years ago
I don't think I'd noticed it if you haven't said it :)
carlosuer6 years ago
Nice and simple. Perhaps a better way to close the CD case is in step 7 to introduce the front flap (the latest folded) into the pocket.
I really like it! Nice and simple and helpful!
phungy8 years ago
Neat! But nothing special, I've been doing the same thing for a few years..
Good idea.. if someone has a band, you could print out 8 1/2*11 glossy posters and use them as CD cases. When you get a CD, you get a free poster!

BTW, does anyone know if you can add a sig to these things? I always just type mine out.

Alan the Great -- http://inflammablehamster.blogspot.com
aiden1200008 years ago
this works with 8 cm (half Size) disks, but you have to either cut away the slack or fold it over agin
spinach_dip8 years ago
Also check this.
An American CD Case
little C8 years ago
help a lot thanx
erckgillis8 years ago
Lockable version, Titles readable, holds CD firmly, yet "re-usable". Note pop-up top flap. Also "unequal" fold on side allows for firm tuck in back 'one inside the other'...
power9 years ago
cool origami.I've build several of these cd cover for my cds.nice job
aiki9 years ago
excellent recycle of used printer paper! Thanks Roy, for a good instructable.
mberneis9 years ago
I prefer http://www.papercdcase.com - looks more professional
Great link! Thanks man!
royshearer (author)  mberneis9 years ago
Hey, that is cool. I guess the major difference is in the final stages - papercdcase.com design tucks into the pocket, whereas I think its a bit cleaner to leave it coming over the top. If I want something presentable, I normally leave out the final tabbed stages and put the case inside a plastic wallet. This way your artwork will be protected too. Also, there is something more satisfying experientially when opening the tabbed CD case, its like opening a present, imho. Its also less fiddly for the person opening. Closing is still a bit of a hassle though... I don't really see the point of folding back the wings in the papercdcase.com design. What does that do for the design?
I'm not sure which wings you are refering to. If you are referring to the wings on the bottom of the envelope, the purpose is to keep the envelope from coming undone in some instances. For example, if the top flap is open and you pick up the envelope from that top flap, without the wings the bottom part will unfold and dump the CD on the floor. With the wings, the flap is locked in place making it less likely (not impossible) to unfold and dump the CD. Over all it makes for a slightly stronger envelope. If you are referring to the flaps on the top flap, those are folded down to make it easier to insert the top flap into the bottom one.
dfault3129 years ago
royshearer (author) 9 years ago
I have since found a similar instructable by Instant Arcade at: