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Introduction: OpenCV DSP Acceleration

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OpenCV DSP Acceleration - GSoC 2010

It aims to accelerate OpenCV algorithms in OMAP3 platforms using the on-chip C64x+ DSP. It uses OpenCV 2.1 as a reference and is dependent on the same. The first release of this project demonstrates the acceleration of few of the OpenCV algorithms like cvSoble(), cvIntegral(), cvCvtColor() and cvDFT(). This work provides a separate library '' for these algorithms. Users have the choice to select only ARM based API or DSP based API. All DSP based API are prefixed with 'DSP_'. The code was tested on Beagleboard Rev C4. This work uses C6Accel library as a reference library and extends it to support OpenCV. This work demonstrates significant acceleration of OpenCV algorithms by making asynchronous call to C64x+ DSP.

Student: Pramod Poudel

Mentors: Katie Roberts-Hoffman, Luis Gustavo Lira


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